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Why States and Localities Rely More on Criminal Justice User Fees

November 20, 2015

State and local governments increasingly charge criminal defendants for services ranging from a public defender to room and board in a prison or jail, as a Brennan Center for Justice report explains.  This ...

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Pope’s Prison Visit Highlights High Cost of Mass Incarceration

September 25, 2015

Pope Francis’s visit to a Philadelphia prison this weekend will serve as a reminder of the heavy cost of today’s high incarceration levels for families, neighborhoods, and states.  By responsibly reforming their criminal justice systems (...

CA state house dome

State Higher Ed Cuts Largely Driving Recent Tuition Hikes

August 24, 2015

State cuts to higher education funding have been the major driver behind the large tuition increases at public two- and four-year colleges in recent years.  Claims that rapid increases in administrative and support staff are ballooning campus budgets are overstated.

States have cut $13.3 billion from...

State Higher Education Cuts the Major Driver of Rising Tuition

States’ High Prison Spending Leaves Less for Classrooms

July 16, 2015

“Every year, we spend $80 billion to keep folks incarcerated,” President Obama tells us, noting that it’s roughly the cost of providing universal preschool for every 3- and 4-year-old or eliminating tuition at public colleges and universities.  As our...


Louisiana Considering Tax Hikes to Avert More Higher Ed Cuts

May 26, 2015

The Louisiana Senate is considering a House-approved budget this week that includes several tax increases to avoid further higher education cuts.  Senate approval isn’t assured, and Governor Bobby Jindal vows to veto tax increases not offset by other tax cuts.  Still, the House action is welcome news after several years of serious cuts to Louisiana’s public colleges and universities forced...

The Consequences of Higher Ed Cuts

May 19, 2015

High-quality, affordable public colleges and universities are critical to a state’s ability to build the skilled workforce it needs to attract businesses and compete for the jobs of the future.  Yet, as I note on Real Clear Policy’s blog today, recent...

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College Affordability Down, Debt Up

May 18, 2015

As states have begun to reinvest in public higher education, tuition hikes in 2014-15 have been much smaller than in recent years, as we describe in our new paper.  Nevertheless, tuition is up substantially since the recession, and students are increasingly using...


On the Map: Higher Education Funding Cuts and Tuition Hikes

May 14, 2015

Most states continue to replenish their higher education support, as our new report details.  Still, 13 states further cut funding in the past year, and higher education support in almost all states remains below what it was in 2008, at the onset of the Great...

In Focus: Years of Cuts Threaten to Put College Out of Reach for More Students

Years of Higher Ed Cuts Threaten College Affordability and Access

May 13, 2015

Many states have started to restore higher education funding that they cut in recent years, but their support remains well below pre-recession levels, our new report shows.  Those cuts have led public colleges to cut their own budgets and raise tuition, the...

State Funding for Higher Education Remains Far Below Pre-Recession Levels in Most States