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Voters Boost Minimum Wages in Four States

November 9, 2016

Voters approved minimum wage increases in all four states — Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington — with Election Day ballot measures. 

More specifically:

  • Arizona, Colorado, and Maine will increase their minimum wages, which now range from $7.50 to $8.31 per hour, to $12 per hour by 2020.  
  • Washington will raise its minimum wage, currently $9.47, to $13.50 by
  • ...
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Capital Spending to Build and Renovate Schools Also Down

October 26, 2016

State cuts in K-12 funding over the past decade, which we outline in our new report, haven’t just affected schools’ operating funding for things like teacher salaries and textbooks.  Capital spending — to build new schools, renovate and expand facilities, and...

Capital Spending for K-12 Schools Dropping

State K-12 Cuts Can Undermine School Reforms

October 25, 2016

Many states have pursued education reforms to improve teacher quality, better prepare young children for school, and turn around the lowest-achieving schools, among other goals.  The widespread cuts in state K-12 spending we’ve documented in our new report can...

K-12 Education Jobs Have Fallen as Enrollment Has Grown

Why Have States Cut School Funding?

October 24, 2016

The widespread drop in state support for schools over the past decade — which we’ve documented in our new report — reflects outside factors, such as weak revenues and rising costs, as well as state policy choices, such as relying on spending cuts to close...

Five of Eight States With Deepest K-12 Cuts Also Cut Income Taxes

Study Shows Money Matters for K-12 Education

October 21, 2016

Better funding for schools leads to better long-term outcomes for students, a careful study concludes.  That’s a timely and important message.  As our new report shows,...

School Funding Increases Lead to Big Gains for Poor Kids

State K-12 Funding Still Lagging in Many States

October 20, 2016

At least 23 states will provide less “general” or “formula” funding — the main form of state support for elementary and secondary schools — in the current school year (2017) than when the Great Recession took hold in 2008, our newly updated survey of state...


Maine Voters Can Boost Education, Tax Fairness at Same Time

October 5, 2016

Maine’s voters will consider a ballot measure in November to roll back the state’s recent tax cuts for the wealthy and use the revenue to invest in their future by improving the state’s schools.  That’s a very good idea.

Maine is among a number of states that cut income...


Resources Tight as New School Year Starts

August 23, 2016

With K-12 schools opening around the country, here’s a quick look at the funding challenges many of them face.

  • Some 47 percent of school funding comes from states, and in many states it hasn’t kept up with rising enrollment and inflation.  At least 25
  • ...
K-12 Education Jobs Have Fallen as Enrollment Has Grown

Income Tax Cap Would Hurt North Carolina

June 29, 2016

North Carolina’s Senate has passed a fiscally irresponsible bill that would ask voters in November to approve a constitutional amendment limiting the state’s income tax rate to no higher than 5.5 percent, slightly above the 5.499 rate set to take effect in January.  This...

Dollar Bill

A Fair Chance for Poor Students

June 17, 2016

Schools with lots of poor children are often poorly funded compared to other schools, undermining the country’s basic promise of equal opportunity.  A rule that the U.S. Department of Education is considering could help change that by leading states and localities to raise...

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