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K-12 Funding Still Lagging in Many States

May 29, 2019

Some states still provide much less K-12 funding per student than in the 2008 school year, when the Great Recession hit, according to new Census Bureau data and state budget documents....

K-12 Funding Still Lagging in Many States

Severe Teacher Shortage Shows States Should Better Fund Schools

April 24, 2019

The country’s severe shortage of qualified public elementary and secondary school teachers, which a new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) report details, demonstrates states’ need to raise adequate revenue not only to boost teacher pay but also to provide the resources that high-quality schools require.

While teacher protests over the...

Empty Desks

K-12 Funding Up in Teacher-Strike States, But Room for More Growth

March 6, 2019

Protests by teachers and others helped drive substantial school funding increases over the last year in Arizona, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, four states that had cut school “formula” funding — the main state revenue source for schools — the most over the last decade. Still, formula funding remains well below 2008 levels in these states, as we explain in a...

Many States With Deep K-12 Funding Cuts Since Recession Boosted Funding in 2018

Report: States Can Use Tax Policy to Advance Racial Equity

November 15, 2018

States and localities can do more to help undo the harmful legacies of racism and the damage of continuing racial bias and discrimination, a major new Center report finds. If state policymakers can design their budget and tax policies to better address these harms and...

North Carolina Tax Cap Threatens Funding for Public Services

October 18, 2018

North Carolina voters will decide in November whether to tighten the cap on the state’s income tax rate, which would make it harder to fund schools, health care, and other public services while overwhelmingly benefiting the state’s wealthiest families.

The ballot measure would amend the state constitution to reduce the cap on...

Large Budget Shortfalls Loom for North Carolina Due to Tax Cuts

State, Local Tax Systems Worsening Inequality

October 17, 2018

State and local tax systems can be a powerful tool for boosting economic opportunity, creating broadly shared prosperity, and building equitable state economies. But in nearly every state, they’re reinforcing and often worsening inequality, as the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy shows in a new report.

The new study of the state and local...

Lowest-Income Households Pay Highest State and Local Taxes

K-12 Funding Cuts Contributing to Inadequate Teacher Pay

September 11, 2018

Teachers in every state are paid less on average than other similarly educated workers, according to a new report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) and the University of California, Berkeley’s Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics (CWED), and the gap is growing. This erosion reflects state policy choices, not weak state...

States With Biggest Teacher Wage Gaps Have Cut General School Funding

Many Schools Still Facing Funding Challenges as New Year Starts

August 23, 2018

School funding has been in the news a lot this year, as teachers in several states went on strike this winter and spring to protest low pay and inadequate state support. Nationally, combined state and local funding for K-12 schools has finally recovered from deep cuts made during the Great Recession, but some states still haven’t restored funding. With children now returning to school around...

K-12 Jobs Have Fallen as Enrollment Has Grown

K-12 Funding Cuts Include Capital Spending to Build and Renovate Schools

June 25, 2018

Teacher strikes in Oklahoma, Arizona, and other states highlighted low and declining teacher pay — due in part to large state funding cuts in some states since the Great Recession.  Many states have also imposed large school capital spending cuts since then, which has meant less money to...

Capital Spending for K-12 Schools Well Below 2008 Levels

Arizona Proposal Would Finance School Funding Boost, Make Tax Code Less Regressive

May 30, 2018

Arizona teachers ended their strike after Governor Doug Ducey signed a budget giving them a 20 percent salary increase over three years. But the budget doesn’t include the new revenue required to finance the planned spending, relying instead on optimistic predictions of economic growth, continued cuts in the Medicaid rolls, and one-time funding shifts. Meanwhile, the new revenue sources the...

Arizona's Cuts in Per-Student Funding Among the Nation's Biggest