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Medicaid, CHIP, Health Reform Drive Historic Gains in Children’s Coverage

October 27, 2016

The nation’s uninsured rate among children fell by a third (from 7.1 percent to 4.8 percent) from 2013 to 2015 as health reform’s major coverage provisions took effect, Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families’ annual report on children’s health coverage finds (see chart). That’s the largest two-year drop in the uninsured rate among children on record, driven by continued...

Children's Uninsured Rate Hits Another Historic Low

Medicaid Spending and Enrollment Growth Expected to Slow Next Year

October 17, 2016

Medicaid enrollment and spending growth is expected to slow again in state fiscal year 2017 as the initial effects of health reform’s Medicaid expansion taper off, the new Kaiser Family Foundation annual survey of state Medicaid directors finds.  While expansion states expect to spend slightly...

Medicaid Enrollment and Spending Growth Expected to Fall Again

Medicaid Works: Expansion Improving Access to Care and Financial Well-Being

October 3, 2016

This is the next in our “Medicaid Works” blog series, which aims to inform the debate over Medicaid’s future by providing the latest facts and figures on this essential and ...

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No Precedent for Kentucky’s Proposed Medicaid Work Requirement

July 25, 2016

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has proposed a Medicaid waiver that would require adult beneficiaries without dependent children to work or volunteer at least...

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Ohio the Latest State Proposing Barriers in Medicaid

July 6, 2016

Ohio’s request to the federal government to change how most adult Medicaid beneficiaries get their health coverage would — as the state admits — cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose that coverage.  Similar to proposals in...

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Medicaid Expansion Will Give Louisiana Immediate Boost

June 30, 2016

Health coverage takes effect tomorrow for people enrolling in Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion.  Based on state projections and the experience of other expansion states, here is what we can expect:   

  • Dramatic gains in health coverage.  The nation has made historic progress in reducing the number of uninsured since health reform’s major coverage provisions took
  • ...
Status of State Medicaid Expansion in 2016

Don’t Reverse Health Reform’s Provisions That Boost Work Incentives, Eliminating the Medicaid “Cliff”

June 10, 2016

Health reform was an essential step to reduce the type of work disincentives that House Republicans decried as they rolled out their new poverty plan.  That’s because health reform’s Medicaid expansion lets the working poor earn more and still retain health coverage.

Before health reform, Medicaid coverage for poor adults was extremely limited.  Non-disabled adults could get Medicaid...


Arizona, Ohio Medicaid Proposals Jeopardize Coverage Gains

May 2, 2016

Ohio and Arizona, where uninsured rates have fallen sharply since they adopted health reform’s Medicaid expansion, have now proposed Medicaid changes such as new premiums that would make it harder for low-income adults to...


Too Soon to Replicate Indiana’s Medicaid Waiver

April 18, 2016

Several states are considering adopting features of the federal waiver through which Indiana has expanded Medicaid — such as setting up accounts modeled on health savings accounts for each beneficiary, delaying coverage until beneficiaries pay premiums tied to their incomes, and ending coverage for some beneficiaries if they don’t pay their premiums.  But Indiana has had trouble implementing...

Indiana State Map

Oklahoma’s Proposed Medicaid Cut Won’t Pass Federal Muster

March 10, 2016

Oklahoma’s Senate is considering legislation, which its House passed last week, to end Medicaid coverage for 110,000 very low-income parents.  But...

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