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Senate Health Bill Deepens Medicaid Cuts for High-Cost States

June 23, 2017

The Senate Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act would (like the House bill) fundamentally restructure Medicaid by converting its federal funding to a “per capita cap” that would grow more slowly than actual Medicaid per-beneficiary costs, and states would likely have to make even deeper cuts to Medicaid...

Medicaid and CHIP - Indiana Map

To Protect Children, Senate Republicans Must Drop Medicaid Per Capita Cap

June 23, 2017

The Senate Republican health bill, like the House-passed bill, would convert Medicaid to a per capita cap, but it would cut Medicaid even more deeply and pose an even greater threat to coverage for all Medicaid beneficiaries — including children.  Senate Republicans claim that by excluding certain children with disabilities from the per capita cap, they’re “guaranteeing” continued...

Medicaid and CHIP - child and doctor

House GOP Health Bill’s Per Capita Cap Threatens Everyone’s Medicaid Coverage

June 5, 2017

By converting Medicaid to a per capita cap or block grant, the House-passed Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act threatens coverage for all Medicaid beneficiaries. Here’s why:

Under the House bill, the federal government starting in 2020 would no longer pay a fixed percentage of states’ overall Medicaid costs, as it does now. Instead, it would pay only a fixed amount...


Medicaid Works, in 5 Charts

May 12, 2017

The House-passed bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would severely damage Medicaid and make quality care less accessible to low-income Americans — the very feature of Medicaid that a new Commonwealth Fund analysis highlights.

That’s because the...

Medicaid Beneficiaries Have a Regular Health Care Provider at Rates Comparable to People With Private Coverage

This Mother’s Day, Congress Should Reject Cuts in Women’s Health Coverage

May 12, 2017

Federal policymakers should consider a more practical gift than flowers or chocolate this Mother’s Day: they should support women’s health coverage by rejecting the House bill that repeals the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and cuts $839 billion from Medicaid, reducing enrollment by 14 million. 

The American Health Care Act, which the House passed last week, deeply cuts Medicaid and...

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Adding a Work Requirement to MaineCare Would Harm Maine’s Families

April 18, 2017

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage reportedly plans to seek federal approval to require low-income adults to prove they are employed in order to keep their Medicaid benefits, basing the approach on a misleading report about the state’s experience with a three-month time limit for...

Maine Work Rates Nearly the Same Before and After Time Limit

House GOP Bill Could Deprive Millions of Mental Health and Opioid Addiction Treatment

March 24, 2017

We explained earlier today why a Republican leadership plan to add $15 billion for behavioral health treatment and maternity coverage and newborn care to the House health bill would do little to offset the enormous damage that the underlying bill would do to...


Medicaid Offers Access to Needed Care; House GOP Health Bill Would Undermine It

March 15, 2017

Promoting the House Republican health proposal that massively cuts federal Medicaid spending, top Administration officials continue to insist that fewer providers are willing to serve Medicaid patients. Studies, however, show that Medicaid beneficiaries have comparable access to care to people with commercial insurance. Moreover, the House proposal would make providers less willing to...

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A Medicaid Work Requirement Would Block Poor Families From Care

February 28, 2017

With congressional Republicans considering proposals to radically restructure Medicaid, some Republican governors are proposing their own sweeping changes to the program, including imposing work requirements on beneficiaries. But as we’ve...

Healthcare providers with patient in hospital

Equating a Medicaid Per Capita Cap with Capitation Payments Is Highly Misleading

February 9, 2017

Congressional Republicans who support a per capita cap for Medicaid — including Senator Bill Cassidy, who’s co-sponsored a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act —...