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In Florida, Latest TABOR Proposal Has Same Flaw as Predecessors

February 22, 2011

For the fourth year in a row, Florida’s legislature is considering a TABOR proposal. Florida Senate Joint Resolution 958 would impose an artificial cap on state revenues that would lock in recessionary levels of spending and hurt the state’s short- and long-term ability to invest in key areas of its economy (as it did in Colorado — the only state that has implemented a TABOR).

A Bad Idea Advances in Michigan

February 9, 2011

We blogged recently that Michigan legislators were considering eliminating the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit to help close a $1.8 billion budget shortfall. Now, a state senator has introduced legislation to do just that.

Many Governors Making Unwise Choices in Budget Proposals

February 4, 2011

It's not easy being a governor these days. Revenues remain seriously depressed, human needs are rising, reserve funds are largely exhausted, and Congress plans to let its temporary federal aid expire. The basic problem remains the economy: With state tax revenues still in a deep slump due to high unemployment and weak consumer spending, states face an estimated $125 billion budget gap for the upcoming year that they have to close.

Targeting Low-Income Working Families the Wrong Way to Balance Michigan’s Budget

January 10, 2011

Michigan’s new legislative leaders offered a distressing preview last week of how they might fill an estimated $1.8 billion shortfall in the upcoming budget year. House Speaker Jase Bolger insisted that “We cannot make it more expensive . . . to raise a family in Michigan.” Nevertheless, he and other legislative leaders from both parties would make it more expensive to raise families that are working their way out of poverty by eliminating or trimming the state’s earned income tax credit (EITC).