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Study: TABOR Creates a “Toxic Formula”

September 9, 2015

TABOR — the rigid and flawed formula limiting state and local revenue growth that’s locked into Colorado’s constitution — has had a serious unforeseen impact on property taxpayers, according to a...

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North Carolina Should Reject TABOR — Again

August 13, 2015

North Carolina lawmakers are considering a misguided constitutional amendment that would lock in low spending levels dating from the recession and force more cuts to education and other services over time.  

Thirty states have considered this kind of amendment, known as a TABOR or taxpayer bill of...

Thirty States Have Seen Serious TABOR Threats Since 2004

State EITCs — 26 and Counting

June 25, 2015

California just became the 26th state (and 27th jurisdiction, counting the District of Columbia) to adopt a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  Governor Jerry Brown signed the state’s 2016 budget yesterday, thereby enacting a credit that will provide $380...

Twenty-six States and DC Have Enacted EITCs, 2015

3 Reasons Why Kansas’ Shift to Sales Taxes Is a Bad Idea

June 18, 2015

Kansas closed its latest budget shortfall in part by raising sales taxes — for the second time in three years — to help pay for its massive income tax cuts.  This shift from income to sales taxes is not in Kansas’ (or any state’s) interest, for three main reasons.

  1. It shifts taxes from

  2. ...
Kansas Has Raised Taxes at the Bottom, Cut Them at the Top

State EITCs Narrow the Gap Between Rich and Poor

June 1, 2015

Growing income inequality is a huge challenge facing the nation, and a new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows that...

Twenty-five States and D.C. Have Enacted EITCs, 2015

Momentum Builds for a California EITC

May 15, 2015

California could soon join the growing number of states with state earned income tax credits (EITCs).  Governor Jerry Brown proposed one in his revised budget that he released yesterday, and California lawmakers have...

Twenty-five States and D.C. Have Enacted EITCs, 2015

More Kansas Republicans Acknowledging Harsh Tax-Cut Reality

May 13, 2015

Update, September 29, 2017: We’ve deleted a paragraph from this post that was based on information released by the Brownback administration that later proved inaccurate.

Facing a $400 million shortfall in next year’s budget, Kansas’ Republican-led legislature...

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States Looking to Strengthen Earned Income Tax Credits

March 30, 2015

As states continue to turn the corner on the Great Recession, policymakers in a number of states are looking to help low-paid working families by creating or expanding refundable state earned income tax credits (EITCs). These credits build on the federal EITC...

Kansas Isn’t the Only Tax-Cutting State With Budget Woes

January 16, 2015

As we noted this morning, Kansas is the poster child for the harmful consequences of large state tax cuts, which can open up huge budget holes and undermine the foundations of a strong state economy, like a high-quality education system. But Kansas isn’t the only state experiencing pain of its own...

Child Poverty Remains High, But States Can Make a Difference

September 19, 2014

Update, September 22:  We’ve corrected the map in this post. 

More than half of the states plus the District of Columbia had child poverty rates of 20 percent or higher last year (see map), new data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey show, and in some states — like New Mexico and Mississippi — poverty affected as many as one in three kids.  Such...