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Virginia, Other States Advance Immigrant-Inclusive Policies

August 12, 2020

Even before COVID-19 and the deep recession, Virginia had taken steps to create a more inclusive state for people to live, work, and prosper, regardless of their immigration status. Other states are similarly removing barriers to equity, many of which make it even harder for immigrants to weather the pandemic and economic fallout. We highlight some of Virginia’s and other states’ actions below...

People at U.S. naturalization ceremony

New Jersey Driver’s License Measure Is Its Latest Inclusive Policy for Immigrants

December 19, 2019

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed a bill that lets residents who are undocumented obtain driver’s licenses, giving access to nearly 450,000 such residents and providing for safer roads, fewer uninsured drivers, more state revenue, and greater mobility for families in their daily lives. New...

15 States Plus DC and Puerto Rico Have Inclusive Driver's License Policies for Immigrants

Arizona Latest State to Choose Inclusive Approach to Immigrants Who Are Undocumented

August 27, 2019

The Arizona Board of Regents voted to lower tuition for students who are undocumented, bringing the state one step closer to full tuition equity. Its action last week adds to a series of policy improvements this year in the states...

21 States Plus DC Have Inclusive Higher Education Policies for Immigrants

Thanks to Tax Cuts, Large Budget Shortfalls Loom in North Carolina

February 27, 2018

Tax cut proponents claim that North Carolina’s tax cutting is a model for other states looking to boost their economies, but the state has not performed particularly well economically compared to its neighbors since the tax cuts took effect and those cuts have put North Carolina on a path to serious...

Large Budget Shortfalls Loom for North Carolina Due to Tax Cuts

States Strengthening Tax Systems and Working-Family Tax Credits

August 18, 2017

More than a dozen states enacted major revenue increases and/or rejected tax cuts in the 2017 legislative year. States’ desire to strengthen their revenue systems is wise, given that two-thirds of the states are facing or have addressed revenue shortfalls for this fiscal year and/or next year,...


New Study: Young Undocumented Immigrants Pay $2 Billion a Year in State and Local Taxes

April 26, 2017

Immigrants who came to the United States as children and benefit from the 2012 executive action that gave them temporary legal status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program pay $2 billion a year in state and local taxes that support schools, health care, and other essential services, a...

Young Undocumented Immigrants Pay More of Their Income in State & Local Taxes Than Top 1 Percent

Unauthorized Immigrants Pay Greater Share of Income in State and Local Taxes Than Top Earners

March 6, 2017

Unauthorized immigrants pay a larger share of their income in state and local taxes than the nation’s top earners, and immigration reform would improve state and local finances across the country, a new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP)...

Unauthorized Immigrants Pay More of Their Income in State & Local Taxes Than the Richest 1%V