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Five Strategies to Smooth Out the Ups and Downs of State Tax Dollars

April 18, 2013

State revenues plummet in recessions as struggling households and businesses pay less in taxes, and it occurs just when states can least afford the loss (see chart).  Some states, including Louisiana, Nebraska, and North Carolina, have recently considered replacing state...

State Pension Plans on the Rebound

March 11, 2013

State-run pension plans for teachers, police and other state and local workers have made important progress toward restored financial health without breaking state budgets, according to a new study by one of the premier research organizations in this field.

That suggests that the...

Why Replacing State Income Taxes with Bigger Sales Taxes Doesn’t Make Sense

January 22, 2013

In an alarming trend, governors in Louisiana, Nebraska, and North Carolina have proposed eliminating their state’s...

How States Can Prepare for the Next Rainy Day

January 15, 2013

States entered the Great Recession of 2007-2009 with their biggest budget reserves in history, but those reserves filled only a modest share of the huge state budget gaps that the recession generated, in part because many states’ “rainy day” funds are poorly designed.  Now is the time to fix those flaws, as our...

Four Reasons Why State Budgets Aren’t Out of the Woods

January 11, 2013

A couple of recent articles on state budgets and growth in state and local government employment could give the mistaken impression that state budget...

States, Taxes, and Growth

November 19, 2012

In a recent Wall Street Journal online column on CBPP’s new income inequality report, Robert Pollock writes incorrectly about one of...

The Three Big Causes of Rising Inequality

November 16, 2012

Our new report, “Pulling Apart,” finds that inequality has grown in every state since the late 1970s, as incomes have risen dramatically at the top of the scale while rising only modestly or even stagnating in the middle and bottom.  There are three broad reasons why.


What’s the Picture on Inequality in Your State?

November 15, 2012

Our new state-by-state report on income inequality includes an infographic like the one below for each state, showing its national ranking and how different income groups in the state have fared over time.  Click here for the infographics....

A State-by-State Look at Inequality

November 15, 2012

Income inequality has grown in all parts of the country since the late 1970s, a major new analysis by CBPP and the Economic Policy Institute finds.  Incomes rose significantly at the top but only modestly for middle- and lower-income households. ...

Strengthening State Budgets for the Long Haul

July 18, 2012

States face serious long-term problems that could slowly undermine their ability to fund education, health care, infrastructure, and other critical needs — just at the time when recovering revenues should be allowing them to start restoring the deep cuts of recent years.