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More Evidence That SNAP Caseloads Have Started Falling

March 10, 2014

A million fewer people received SNAP (formerly food stamps) last December than in December 2012, the Agriculture Department announced Friday — the fourth straight month in which participation fell from the previous year.  This is just the latest sign that SNAP, which critics...

SNAP Spending Has Started Falling

November 20, 2013

Our new report has important news for House and Senate negotiators considering SNAP (food stamp) cuts as part of the Farm Bill:  recent government data show that SNAP spending, which doubled as a share of the economy (gross domestic product or GDP) in the wake of the...

Whom and Where the November 1 SNAP Cuts Will Hit

October 29, 2013

The interactive map below shows how many people in each state — including how many children and disabled people in each state — will face a cut in SNAP (food stamp) benefits Friday when the 2009 Recovery Act’s temporary benefit boost ends.  It also lists the total loss in SNAP benefits to households in each state through the end of the fiscal year next September.

These cuts are...

November 1 SNAP Cuts Will Hit All Recipients, Including Kids and Elderly

October 24, 2013

The 2009 Recovery Act’s temporary boost in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits ends on November 1, which will mean a benefit cut for each of the nearly 48 million SNAP recipients — most of whom live in households with children, seniors, or people with disabilities.

Next week’s benefit cut will be substantial.  A household of three, such as a mother...

Setting the Record Straight on SNAP, Part 9: Examining the New House GOP Proposal

September 18, 2013

We’ve updated our analysis of the House Republican SNAP proposal to reflect the final language in the legislation, which Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) introduced Monday and is expected to go to the House floor this week.  The bill would cut SNAP by at least $39 billion over ten years.  As our report...

Setting the Record Straight on SNAP, Part 7: House Republicans’ Bill Could Adversely Affect 170,000 Veterans

September 18, 2013

The House expects to vote tomorrow on a bill that would cut SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) by $39 billion over ten years.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates it would deny SNAP to about 3.8 million low-income people in 2014 and to an average of nearly 3 million...

Setting the Record Straight on SNAP, Part 5: SNAP Will Shrink as the Economy Improves

September 13, 2013

With SNAP participation having reached all-time highs in the past few years, some critics claim that the program is growing out of control and needs to be slashed.  But, in reality, SNAP’s recent growth is temporary and shows that the program is working as designed.

  • SNAP responded quickly and
  • ...

Setting the Record Straight on SNAP, Part 3: Waving the "Fraud, Waste, and Abuse" Flag

September 11, 2013

Some House Republican leaders have sought to portray SNAP as rife with fraud and abuse to help justify their proposals to cut millions of people from the program and slash $40 billion from SNAP.  The facts are not on their side.  A history of bipartisan congressional oversight and strong attention to SNAP program integrity...

Facts on SNAP, Part 4: SNAP Responded to the Recession and Will Shrink as the Economy Improves

May 15, 2013

As the Senate and House Agriculture Committees consider changes to SNAP (formerly food stamps) this week, we’ve laid out some basic facts about the program:  the people it serves, the...