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State Millionaires’ Taxes Can Advance Racial Justice

March 15, 2019

States can help reverse the harmful legacy of racism and racial discrimination by changing how they raise and spend money. Robust public investments in schools, health care, and infrastructure can create more opportunities for people of color. One way states can raise the needed revenue is by creating or strengthening “millionaires’ taxes” – higher tax rates at high income levels, as...

White Households Three Times Likelier Than Black and Latinx Households to Be in Top 1%

Many States Facing Suits Over K-12 Funding

April 26, 2018

As teacher strikes bring attention to underfunded public schools, families and education advocates are suing to compel states to uphold statutory or constitutional obligations on education funding. But policymakers could avoid court disputes altogether by ensuring the proper level and distribution...

School Funding Increases Lead to Big Gains for Poor Kids