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Countdown to Tax Day: Permanent EITC and CTC Improvements Are an Anti-Poverty Achievement

March 29, 2016

There’s understandable skepticism that lawmakers will act this year to correct the glaring flaw in the tax code that taxes childless adults into or deeper into poverty.  But...

Working Family Tax Credits Help at Every Stage of Life

Countdown to Tax Day: Bipartisan Proposals Advance Principle That Childless Workers Shouldn’t Be Taxed Into Poverty

March 28, 2016

As I’ve explained, childless adults are the lone group that the federal tax code taxes into or deeper into poverty.  Fortunately, policymakers of both parties — including President Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as Senate Finance Committee member Sherrod Brown and House Ways...


Countdown to Tax Day: 8 Million Childless Workers Taxed Into Poverty

March 25, 2016

Federal taxes are generally designed to ensure that federal income and payroll taxes don’t tax people into — or deeper into — poverty.  The glaring exception is childless adults, more than 8 million of whom are, in fact, taxed into or deeper into poverty.

That’s mostly because they’re largely excluded from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which, for them, is too small (or, for many...


Countdown to Tax Day: The United States Is a Low-Tax Country

March 24, 2016

A large share of Americans likely think they face higher taxes than people in other countries, partly because of claims like those from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Those claims are wrong.  The United States is, and always has been, a low-tax country. 

Among members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation...

The United States Is a Low-Tax Country

Countdown to Tax Day: Where Do Federal Tax Revenues Come From?

March 23, 2016

Yesterday’s post in this series focused on where federal tax dollars go.  Today we examine where they come from. 

The individual income tax is the largest federal tax, generating close to half of federal revenues.  It’s progressive,...


Countdown to Tax Day: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?

March 22, 2016

Across the country, many people are putting final touches on their tax returns while many others are eagerly awaiting refunds.  As Tax Day — which this year is April 18 for most filers — approaches, we’ll highlight ten federal tax charts to provide some tax policy context.


Trump’s Tax Misstatement

March 4, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly (here and here) said the United States is a high-tax country. ...

The United States Is a Low-Tax Country

Obama Wisely Calls for Boosting the EITC for Childless Adults

January 13, 2016

“Speaker [Paul] Ryan has talked about his interest in tackling poverty,” President Obama noted in his State of the Union speech.  “America is about giving everybody willing to work a chance, a hand up, and I’d welcome a serious discussion about strategies we can all support, like expanding tax cuts for low-income workers who don’t have children.”

In fact, President Obama and Speaker...


Puerto Rico Package Should Include Pro-Work EITC

December 4, 2015

As part of a robust response to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis, federal policymakers should let workers on the island qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) because Puerto Rico is tailor-made for the pro-work EITC — with its high poverty and unemployment and especially with its low official labor force participation.  The EITC draws people into the labor force, boosting jobs and...

Puerto Rico Has Higher Poverty & Unemployment, Lower Labor Force Participation

EITC Could Be Important Win for Obama and Ryan

November 16, 2015

“[Y]ou can oppose the president on some issue that you fundamentally disagree with, but also work with the other party on issues you do agree with,” new House Speaker Paul Ryan told CBS’ “60 Minutes” last night.  On one critical issue, Speaker Ryan and President Obama not only agree but have a nearly identical...