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Local and Federal Government Funds Don’t Compensate for State Cuts to K-12 Education

November 4, 2013

As our recent paper found, 34 states are providing less funding — often much less — to K-12 schools than they did before the recession (see chart).  Some have argued that federal and local governments stepped up to offset the state-...

Cuts in Federal Aid to States Dragging Down School Funding

September 27, 2013

About two-thirds of states are providing less funding per student for the current 2013-14 school year than they did before the recession, as we explained in our recent analysis of state school funding.  Among the reasons why:  the federal government cut its own aid to states, leaving them with fewer dollars to pay for growing...

Local School Jobs Grew in August But Remain in a Big Hole

September 6, 2013

Local governments added 20,000 education jobs in the month of August, the Labor Department reported today.  That’s good news, but schools remain in a big hole from the recession:  local school districts still have 297,000 fewer jobs than in August 2008 (see chart).


State and Local Jobs: Stuck in a Deep Hole

July 8, 2013

State and local governments had 703,000 fewer employees in June 2013 than in August 2008, according to the jobs numbers released on Friday.  That number has barely budged since January 2012 (see chart), meaning that in the last year and a half, states and localities essentially have made no progress in refilling the giant workforce...

Poorly-Designed Federal Deficit Reduction Could Threaten States’ Recovery

December 7, 2012

States’ and localities’ ability to deliver public services remains severely diminished, today’s job report shows — and that has serious implications for a potential federal deficit-reduction package.

Over the past few months, state and local employment has leveled out after several years of steep cuts.  States...