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Today's Jobs Report in Pictures

November 8, 2013

Today’s jobs report, which is colored by October’s federal government shutdown, sends distinctly mixed signals about the job market. The employer survey shows much greater job creation than analysts expected, while the household survey shows that significant weaknesses persist. Either way, unemployment remains stubbornly high and too many people have been out of work too long.

Fix the Jobs Deficit First (It Can Help Fix the Debt)

October 28, 2013

My latest post for U.S. News & World Report’s Economic Intelligence blog notes that private employment is still 1.3 million jobs short of where it was when the Great...

Today's Jobs Report in Pictures

October 22, 2013

Today’s jobs report, which was delayed from October 4 by the government shutdown, shows that the labor market recovery remains disappointingly slow. Employment remains well below normal levels, and long-term unemployment remains near historic highs.

Below are some charts to show how the new figures look in historical context. Check...

Budget Crises Taking an Economic Toll

October 18, 2013

My latest post for U.S. News & World Report’s Economic Intelligence blog warns that, while the latest budget crisis is over, the political dysfunction that...

Shutdown Means No Jobs Report

October 4, 2013

The government’s report on the September jobs situation is a casualty of the government shutdown.  Here’s what the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) website says:

Special Notice:

This website is currently not being updated due to the suspension of Federal government services. The last update to the site was...

Setting the Record Straight on SNAP, Part 4: Weak Job Market Keeping SNAP Enrollment High

September 12, 2013

House Republican leaders don’t typically argue that there’s an abundance of jobs and that the economy is doing fine.  Nevertheless, that line of argument seems to underlie their proposal to cut at least 2 million poor jobless workers from SNAP.

Noting that SNAP enrollment hasn’t fallen in tandem with the...

Top Incomes Shot Up Last Year, New Figures Show

September 11, 2013

The average before-tax income of the richest U.S. households rose sharply in 2012, according to an analysis of preliminary 2012 tax return data by economist Emmanuel Saez.  By some measures, the top households had the largest share of the nation’s total before-tax income on record, in statistics computed by Saez and his...

Today's Jobs Report in Pictures

September 6, 2013

Today’s disappointing jobs report shows that labor market conditions continue to improve only at a glacial pace compared with what’s needed to restore employment to normal levels. Unemployment remains too high and the share of the population with a job remains depressed at levels last seen in the 1980s (see chart). Under these conditions, it’s disappointing that the Federal Reserve will...

Today's Jobs Report in Pictures

August 2, 2013

Today’s jobs report shows a familiar pattern. Private employers added jobs for the 41st straight month, yet nonfarm payroll employment remains lower than it was at the start of the recession in December 2007. It’s well below what’s required for full employment. The unemployment rate fell to 7.4 percent, but as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stated recently, the current unemployment...

CBO Immigration Cost Estimate Doesn’t Support Use of “Dynamic Scoring” for Tax Reform

July 24, 2013

Some members of Congress are claiming that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) used “dynamic scoring” to estimate the budgetary effects of the Senate immigration bill and should do the same for tax bills, starting with tax reform.  But they’re off base on the immigration bill, and their call for dynamic scoring for tax reform is an invitation for fiscal...