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Puerto Rico Nutrition Benefit Cuts Risk Food Insecurity, Show Block Grant’s Limits

November 17, 2020


Puerto Rico’s Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) basic household...

Calculating Grocery Bills

Los recortes a los beneficios nutricionales de Puerto Rico son un riesgo para la seguridad alimentaria y ponen al descubierto los límites de la subvención en bloque

November 17, 2020

Esta merma ha dificultado aún más las posibilidades que tienen estos hogares para comprar los alimentos que necesitan en medio de la pandemia del COVID-19 y de una recuperación económica incierta.

Calculating Grocery Bills

Without More Action, Policymakers Will Let Food Hardship Continue

September 24, 2020

The government funding package that Congress expects to pass this week includes important nutrition assistance, but policymakers don’t seem likely to agree in the near term to a comprehensive COVID-19 relief package — even with the latest data again showing that millions of adults (and many of their children) are struggling to get enough to eat, and facing significant housing hardship, which...

Black and Latino Households Likelier to Experience Food Insufficiency During Pandemic

Food Need Very High Compared to Pre-Pandemic Levels, Making Relief Imperative

September 10, 2020

Update, December 3, 2020: we’ve corrected an error in this post regarding the share of adults reporting that their household had “not enough to eat” in 2019.

With millions of Americans still not getting enough to eat during the COVID-19 crisis and recession, Congress’ return gives lawmakers the opportunity to...

Person wearing mask selecting produce at the grocery store

New Videos: Amid Economic Crisis, Boosting SNAP Will Make Big Difference

July 31, 2020

As policymakers negotiate a new economic relief package, boosting SNAP (food stamps) should be at the top of their list, new videos in our “SNAP Matters” series show.

SNAP is one of the nation’s most effective programs to respond to hardship and stimulate the economy during a downturn. These three new brief videos explain — as our earlier...

Parent shopping in grocery store with child wearing masks and gloves

Boosting SNAP: Benefit Increase Would Help Children in Short and Long Term

July 30, 2020

Despite the alarming rise in the number of people, including children, who are struggling to get enough to eat, the Senate Republican proposal for the next economic relief package doesn’t...

Very Low Food Security Fell for Low-Income Households After Recovery Act’s SNAP Benefit Boost

Boosting SNAP: 5 Reasons Why Households Need More

July 13, 2020

As policymakers consider additional relief to respond to COVID-19 and the deep economic downturn, boosting SNAP benefits must be part of measures to lessen hardship and help the economy recover.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act of March included...

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Boosting SNAP: Needed to Reduce Hardship, Long-Term Effects on Children

July 8, 2020

As policymakers consider what could be the last COVID-19 relief package this year, they should respond to the alarming rise in the number of children who aren’t getting enough to eat by increasing SNAP (food stamp) benefits, which would minimize COVID-19’s lasting impact on a generation of children.

Policymakers, including Senate Majority Leader...

Children’s Food Need Has Risen Sharply During COVID-19

New Videos Show Why SNAP Matters Now More Than Ever

May 21, 2020

In our new series of brief videos, SNAP (food stamp) participants, policy experts, and others describe how SNAP helps Americans weather crises — including the current health and economic crisis — by supporting workers and those temporarily unemployed,...

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Heroes Act Provides Much-Needed SNAP Boost

May 18, 2020

The Heroes Act, which the House passed May 15, includes an important SNAP (food stamp) benefit increase that would help families put food on the table when many are struggling and provide stimulus for the economy when it’s most needed. We urge the Senate to quickly approve this SNAP boost.

The severe economic downturn has hit low-income households the hardest, early evidence shows, many...

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