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John Oliver’s Funny Take on the Serious Problem of IRS Funding Cuts

April 13, 2015

We’ve repeatedly warned about the serious damage that deep IRS budget cuts have caused, including an erosion in taxpayer services and enforcement.  John Oliver’s HBO show last night featured an informative — and entertaining — segment on the issue (...

Congressional Budgets Likely Lock in Damaging IRS Funding Cuts

April 8, 2015

Today’s Washington Post (see here and ...

A State-by-State Look at the Estate Tax

April 2, 2015

House Republicans are expected to bring their proposal to repeal the federal estate tax to a vote in the week of April 13.  Repeal would reduce revenues by $269 billion over the next decade and worsen inequality because it would benefit only a small number...

IRS Funding Cuts Have Damaging Effects

April 1, 2015

Deep cuts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) budget over the past five years have resulted in “truly an abysmal level of service” to taxpayers, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen noted in a speech...

House Budget Would Reduce College Access by Cutting Pell Grants

March 25, 2015

We noted today that nearly every state is funding higher education at lower levels than before the recession, forcing tuition hikes that make college less affordable — and some states are planning more funding cuts.  The budget plan that the House is expected to approve today would likely put a...

Building Momentum for Vital Tax Credit Provisions

March 5, 2015

Democratic lawmakers announced a series of important bills yesterday that would reward work and reduce poverty for low-income workers.

Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH), a Finance Committee member, and Richard Durbin (D-IL), the Senate Minority Whip,...

House Republicans Pushing More Expensive Tax Cuts

February 12, 2015

Making the extenders permanent without paying for them is costly, biases tax reform against reducing deficits, and prioritizes corporate tax breaks over tax credits that help millions of low- and moderate-income working families.


Working-Family Tax Credit Essentials, Part 2: The Credits’ Lasting Benefits

January 16, 2015

Our first post in this series introduced our chart book on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC), focusing on their well-known benefits of encouraging work and...

IRS Funding Cuts Harm Customer Service and Raise Deficits

January 14, 2015

Honest taxpayers will feel the pain of Congress’ cuts in the IRS budget, new reports from National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirm.  As...

Tax Incentives for Retirement Savings Need Reform

September 29, 2014

“We need to hear facts and serious policy proposals, not political slogans” like “upside-down tax incentives,” the Senate Finance Committee’s top Republican, Orrin Hatch, said at a recent committee hearing on retirement savings.  But tax...