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ACA’s Medicaid Expansion a Huge Success in Kentucky

March 10, 2017

When Vice President Pence travels to Kentucky this weekend to make the case for House Republicans’ Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill, he’ll presumably echo President Trump’s...

Affordable Care Act's Medicaid Expansion Helping Low-Income People in Kentucky & Arkansas

House GOP Plan Would Make Health Insurance Far Less Affordable in High-Cost States

March 10, 2017

President Trump has promised to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with something that provides “good coverage at much less cost.” But the House Republican ACA repeal plan that two key committees passed this week violates that pledge for millions of Americans.

The House plan would give consumers in the health insurance marketplace nationally an average of...

Premium Tax Credits Would Fall Sharply Under House Republican Plan

Republican Governors’ Plan Would Threaten Medicaid Coverage for Tens of Millions – But Also Highlights Vast Differences with Congressional Republicans

February 26, 2017

A number of Republican governors are crafting, but haven’t yet agreed on, a health plan that would cap federal funding for Medicaid, leaked documents show.

Stethoscope on Blue Scrubs

The “Non-Payer” Non-Problem

May 4, 2011

Citing a new estimate that 51 percent of Americans owed no federal income tax in 2009, some are calling for raising taxes on low- and moderate-income people as part of tax reform. That would be a terrible mistake.