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Increasing FMAP Is Essential to Behavioral Health Care Access Amid COVID-19

May 15, 2020

One of the best tools to protect access to urgently needed behavioral health care, including mental health and substance use services, is to raise the federal share of Medicaid costs (or “FMAP”). House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new economic relief bill would do that by building on the modest, shorter-term FMAP increases that policymakers provided in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act of...

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With Federal Funds Insufficient, States and Localities Funding Their Own Rental Assistance Programs

April 15, 2019

Although the President and Congress have funded modest increases in rental assistance for special populations in recent years — such as vouchers for veterans experiencing homelessness and adults with disabilities —...


State and Local Rental Assistance Supports Key Health and Homelessness Work

August 13, 2018

A new Cityscape paper authored by CBPP analysts offers insights about how states and localities can create new rental assistance programs, or improve existing ones, to better serve vulnerable people, such as people experiencing homelessness.



More Affordable Housing, Fairer Practices Needed to Meet Olmstead’s Promise

June 28, 2018

With June marking the 19th anniversary of the landmark Olmstead v. L.C. decision — in which the Supreme Court found that states and localities must generally serve people with disabilities in the community rather than institutions when community-based...

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Trump Policies Threaten Housing-Health Integration for People With Mental Health Conditions

May 22, 2018

May is mental health month, a time to focus on efforts to ensure that people with mental health conditions have the resources they need to live in the community.  Stable housing and health care are both essential for good mental health, but housing instability and lack of...

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Federal Government Should Fully Fund Grants That Help States Improve Corrections

November 13, 2017

When the President and Congress finalize program funding for fiscal year 2018, they should increase funding for three key Justice Department grants that help states reduce recidivism and improve the corrections system: the Second Chance Act, the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, and the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program.  While these programs have strong...

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West Virginia’s New Medicaid Waiver Promotes Medicaid Objectives

October 24, 2017

As we’ve explained, the Secretary of Health and Human Services can let states deviate from certain Medicaid rules when necessary to implement demonstration projects (also called section 1115 waivers) that further Medicaid’s...


Trump Budget Would Worsen Homelessness

June 6, 2017

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson promised that no one would “get thrown out on the street” under the President’s 2018 budget, but that’s exactly what would happen. Cuts to...

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Housing Vouchers Work: Vouchers the Best Tool to End Homelessness

April 6, 2017

This is the next post in our “Housing Vouchers Work” blog series, which provides the latest facts and figures about the Housing Choice Voucher program, the largest rental assistance program to help families with children, working people, seniors, and people with disabilities afford decent, stable housing.


Vouchers Reduce Hardship for Homeless Families