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Federal Rental Assistance Helps Families, Seniors, People With Disabilities in Every State

May 9, 2019

Update, May 16: We’ve updated this post.

Federal rental assistance helps low-income families afford stable housing and prevents homelessness in every state, as our new interactive state fact sheets...

Rowhouses from the air

Housing Vouchers Can Do More to Move Families Into High-Opportunity Neighborhoods

January 4, 2019

As the nation’s largest federal rental assistance program, Housing Choice Vouchers have the unique potential to help low-income families move to neighborhoods with low poverty, low crime, and good schools. Yet families using vouchers in most of the 50 largest metropolitan areas live in less...

Street of Houses

Census: Renters’ Incomes Still Lagging Behind Housing Costs

September 13, 2018

Renters’ incomes still lag far behind housing costs, the latest Census data show. In 2017, the typical renter household earned $38,900, the same as 16 years ago after adjusting for inflation. Median housing costs rose 10.7 percent in inflation-adjusted terms over that period. (See graph.)...

Renters' Incomes Haven't Caught Up With Housing Costs

Trump Plan to Raise Minimum Rents Would Put Nearly a Million Children at Risk of Homelessness

April 27, 2018

Update, May 11, 2018: we’ve updated some of the figures in the text and chart.

Under President Trump’s proposal to raise rents by up to $1,800 a year on the poorest households receiving federal rental assistance — virtually all of which have annual incomes of less than $7,000 — roughly 1.7...

87 Percent of People Affected by Trump Minimum Rent Proposal Are in Families with Children

GOP Tax Bill Threatens Housing Assistance, Just as Many Workers Struggle to Pay Rent

December 15, 2017

The pending Republican tax bill threatens to deeply undermine programs that help low-income Americans keep a roof over their heads, just as a new report shows that the number of struggling renters will likely remain high in the coming years. Nearly a third of new jobs in the coming decade will be low-wage jobs, which typically...

Renters' Incomes Haven't Kept Pace With Housing Costs

Federal Rental Assistance Is Critical to All Types of Communities

November 9, 2017

Federal rental assistance plays a vital role in urban, suburban, and rural communities alike, our new analysis shows, helping 10 million people in over 5 million low-...

Federal Rental Assistance Is Proportionally Distributed Based on Need and Location

Gap Between Federal Rental Assistance and Need Is Growing

August 16, 2017

The number of very low-income households with serious housing problems rose in 2015 despite an improving economy, a new Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) report finds. Over 8 million households had “worst-case housing needs” in 2015, meaning they are renters with incomes below half the local...

Federal Rental Assistance Has Not Kept Pace with Growing Need

Housing Choice Vouchers Strengthen Families and Communities in Every State

August 9, 2017

Housing Choice Vouchers help low-income families afford stable housing, prevent homelessness, and strengthen local communities in every state, as we detail in our updated interactive Housing Choice Voucher state fact sheets....

Vouchers Reduce Hardship for Homeless Families

Housing Vouchers Work: Vouchers Help Renters in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Areas, New Analysis Confirms

May 10, 2017

This is the next post in our “Housing Vouchers Work” blog series, which provides the latest facts and figures about the Housing Choice Voucher program, the largest rental assistance program to help families with children, working people, seniors, and people with disabilities afford decent, stable housing.


Vouchers Are Among the Top Sources of Rental Assistance in All Types of Communities