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Senate Appropriations Bill Shows Benefits of Replacing Sequestration

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the 2014 appropriations bill today for the Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services (HHS), one of 12 appropriations bills Congress is supposed to enact before the fiscal year starts October 1.  The bill shows that policymakers can make modest, targeted investments in key areas like early education and medical research without slashing everything else if they cancel the harmful sequestration cuts scheduled for next year.

A Tale of Two Bills

Families that need housing assistance have been hit hard in recent years, as sequestration has deepened cuts to low-income housing and community development programs that the President and Congress made in 2011 and 2012.  Recognizing the harm caused by mindless sequestration cuts, both chambers of Congress approved their own 2014 budget plans earlier this year to replace it.

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