Special Series: Economic Recovery Watch

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  • Policy Points: Four Helpful Hints for States Dealing With Deficits
    March 12, 2008

    States, facing their worst fiscal problems in five years, should consider the following four policy options when dealing with deficits: (1) protect their revenues from the effects of federal tax changes, (2) tap their "rainy day funds," (3) don't rule out revenue increases, and (4) avoid "stimulus" tax cuts. At least 25 states, including several of the …
  • New Federal Law Could Worsen State Budget Problems
    Nicholas Johnson
    Revised February 28, 2008

    The federal “economic stimulus” package enacted on February 13 not only cuts federal taxes, but also threatens to reduce many states’ corporate and personal income tax revenue this year and next year. The potential revenue loss comes at a particularly problematic time for states, because about half the states …
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