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  • More Americans, Including More Children, Now Lack Health Insurance
    Revised August 31, 2007

    The number of uninsured Americans rose for the sixth consecutive year in 2006, to 47.0 million,[1], [2] and the number of uninsured children rose for the second straight year, to 8.7 million, according to Census data released on August 28.  Between 1998, the year the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) was implemented, and 2004, the number of uninsured children fell every …
  • Number and Percentage of Americans Who Are Uninsured Climbs Again in 2006
    Revised August 31, 2007

    New Census data show that in 2006, both the number and the percentage of Americans who are uninsured hit their highest levels since 1999, the first year for which comparable data are available, with 2.2 million more Americans — and 600,000 more children — joining the ranks of the uninsured in 2006. The new Census figures also show that while the overall poverty rate declined slightly …
  • Statement by Robert Greenstein on the 2006 Census Bureau Data on Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance
    Robert Greenstein
    Revised August 31, 2007

    The new Census figures are disappointing for the fifth year of an economic recovery —showing a significant decline in poverty for people over 65 but no significant decline in poverty for children or adults aged 18 to 64, and only a modest improvement in median income. In 2006, the poverty rate …
  • Census Revises Estimates of the Number of Uninsured People
    Leighton Ku
    April 5, 2007

    On March 23, the Census Bureau announced that it has revised estimates of the number of uninsured people for 2004 and 2005, after it detected an error in how data from its Current Population Survey have been tabulated.  The number and percentage of people who were uninsured in 2005 changed from 46.6 million (15.9 percent of the population) to …
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