Housing Choice Vouchers

Sequestration’s Rising Toll: 100,000 Fewer Low-Income Families Have Housing Vouchers

Following the sequestration funding cuts in 2013, most state and local housing agencies had no choice but to sharply reduce the number of families receiving housing vouchers. By December 2013, agencies were assisting about 70,000 fewer families than they had a year earlier, and the cuts continued to deepen during the first half of 2014: by June, agencies were assisting approximately 100,000 fewer families.



Housing Choice Voucher Program: State Fact Sheets

More than 5 million people in more than 2 million low-income households use Housing Choice Vouchers to afford modest, stable housing. The fact sheets include state-specific data on the families that Housing Choice Vouchers help, the cuts in voucher assistance that sequestration caused in 2013, and the incidence of homelessness and other severe affordable housing needs in each state.

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Research Shows Housing Vouchers Reduce Hardship and Provide Platform for Long-Term Gains Among Children

The Housing Choice Voucher program, the nation’s largest rental assistance program, helps more than 2 million low-income families rent modest units of their choice in the private market. Vouchers sharply reduce homelessness and other hardships, lift more than a million people out of poverty, and give families an opportunity to move to safer, less poor neighborhoods.


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