Welfare Reform/TANF: Reports by Date

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Administration is Misstating Amount of Child Care Funding in Pending TANF Reauthorization Bills
Sharon Parrott, Jennifer Mezey, Mark Greenberg, and Shawn Fremstad
44K-HTML, 56K-PDF, 8pp.

Key Provisions in TANF Reauthorization Bills Passed by the Senate Finance Committee and the House (Side-by-Side Analysis)
74K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 11pp.

Falling TANF Caseloads Amidst Rising Poverty Should Be A Cause Of Concern
Shawn Fremstad
Revised 9/5/03
20K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

State Fiscal Relief Funds Do Not Address The Need For Substantial Increases In Child Care Funding
Shawn Fremstad
Revised 7/28/03
24K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 4pp.

State-By-State Distribution Of A $5.5 Billion Increase In Child Care
Sharon Parrott
81K-HTML, 26K-PDF, 2pp.

House TANF Reauthorization Bill and Congressional Budget Resolution Do Not Increase Child Care Funding by $3.3 Billion
Sharon Parrott
12K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 1pp.

New Child Care Resources Are Needed To Prevent the Loss Of Child Care Assistance For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children In Working Families
Sharon Parrott and Jennifer Mezey
66K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 6pp.

States Are Cutting TANF And Child Care Programs
Sharon Parrott and Nina Wu
14K-HTML, 151K-PDF, 28pp.
Press Release: 15K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 2pp.

Noncitizens' Use Of Public Benefits Has Declined Since 1996
Leighton Ku, Shawn Fremstad, and Matthew Broaddus
Revised 4/21/03
55K-HTML, 68K-PDF, 14pp.

Immigrants, Persons With Limited Proficiency in English, And The TANF Program: What Do We Know? (PDF)
Shawn Fremstad
9K-HTM, 89K-PDF, 26pp.

Press Release: Immigrants' Use Of Public Benefits Has Declined Substantially Since 1996: CIS Report Exploits Loose Definitions to Paint Misleading Picture
16K-HTML 25K-PDF, 2pp.

$16,000 Per Family? Administration's Claim That Its Budget Increases Welfare-To-Work Funding Is Incorrect
Zoë Neuberger, Shawn Fremstad, and Sharon Parrott
60K-HTML, 91K-PDF, 5pp.

Recycling an Unwise Proposal: State Concerns and New State Fiscal Realities Ignored in House Republican Welfare Bill
Sharon Parrott, Heidi Goldberg, and Shawn Fremstad
Revised 2/10/03
21K-HTML, 125K-PDF, 13pp.

Bush Administration Projects That The Number Of Children Receiving Child Care Subsidies Will Fall By 200,000 During The Next Five Years
Sharon Parrott and Jennifer Mezey
18K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 2pp.

Statement By Robert Greenstein, Executive Director, On President Bush's Announcement Regarding TANF Reauthorization
Robert Greenstein
Revised 1/16/03
9K-HTML, 17K-PDF, 1pp.
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