Welfare Reform/TANF: Reports by Date

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Changes Since 1995 in the Safety Net's Impact on Child Poverty
Kathy Porter and Wendell Primus
12/99, 2pp.

Allocation Of The $3 Billion TANF Rescission Among States Would Treat Some States Inequitably
Ed Lazere
9/27/99, 4pp.

Work to Be Done: Designing Publicly-Funded Jobs To Meet Community Needs?
Clifford M. Johnson and Alex Goldenberg

Should TANF Block Grant Funds Be Rescinded?
Ed Lazere and Robert Greenstein
9/23/99, 4pp.

Competitive Welfare-to-Work Grantees Utilize Publicly-Funded Transitional Jobs to Aid Hard-to-Employ Welfare Recipients
Clifford M. Johnson and Lana Kimr

Washington State's Community Jobs Initiative
Clifford M. Johnson and Lana Kim

The Initial Impacts of Welfare Reform on the Economic Well-Being of Single Mother Families
Wendell Primus, Lynette Rawlings, Kathy Larin, Kathryn Porter
8/99, 80pp.

Welfare Balances In The States: Unspent TANF Funds in the Middle of Federal Fiscal Year 1999
Ed Lazere and Lana Kim
7/19/99, 19pp.

The Determinants Of Welfare Caseload Decline: A Brief Rejoinder
Liz Schott, Robert Greenstein, Wendell Primus
6/99, 8pp.

States Must Act Immediately to Retain Time-Limit Flexibility Under their Waivers
Liz Schott
5/27/99, 8pp.

Publicly-Funded Jobs For Hard-to-Employ Welfare Recipients
Cliff Johnson
22K-HTML, 6pp.

Highlights of the Final TANF Regulations
Liz Schott, Ed Lazere, Heidi Goldberg, and Eileen Sweeney
4/99, 24pp.

A State Strategy for Increasing Child Support Payments from Low-Income Fathers and Improving the Well-Being of Their Children Through Economic Incentives
Wendell E. Primus and Charita L. Castro
4/99, 20pp.

Ins and Outs of Delinking: Promoting Medicaid Enrollment of Children Who are Moving In and Out of the TANF System
Cindy Mann
March 1999
105K-PDF, 30pp.

The TANF Block Grant Should Not Be Cut
3/99, 4pp.

Publicly-Funded Jobs for Hard-to-Employ Welfare Recipients
Cliff Johnson
Revised 3/99, 6pp.

Welfare-to-Work Housing Vouchers: An Innovative Approach to Welfare Reform
Jeff Lubell and Barbara Sard
12/98, 6pp.

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Job Creation
Clifford M. Johnson
12/98, 2pp.

Welfare Recipients Who Find Jobs: What Do We Know About Their Employment and Earnings?
Sharon Parrott
11/98, 45pp.

Monthly Reporting in the AFDC Program
Marion Nichols
9/98, 69pp.
88-003, $5.00

Welfare-to-Work Vouchers: Making Welfare Work
Barbara Sard and Jen Daskal
Revised 8/27/98, 6pp.
98-038, $3.00

State Choices on Time Limit Policies in TANF-Funded Programs
Liz Schott
September 1998
72K-HTML, 21pp.

Washington State's Community Jobs Initiative
Clifford M. Johnson
May 1998
20K-HTML, 6 pp.

Reinvesting Welfare Savings: Aiding Needy Families and Strengthening State Welfare Reform
3/30/98, 50pp.
98-030, $7.00

Comments on HHS' Proposed TANF Regulations (PDF)
2/18/98, 97pp.
98-021, $10.00

Housing and Welfare Reform: Some Background Information
Barbara Sard and Jennifer Daskal
7/16/98, 12pp.
98-008, $4.00

Developing Innovative Child Support Demonstrations for Non-Custodial Parents
Wendell Primus
1/9/98, 11pp.
98-000, $1.00

Developing Innovative Child Support Demonstrations for Non-Custodial Parents
January 1998
38K-HTML, 3pp.

Shattering the Myth of Failure: Promising Findings from Ten Public Job Creation Initiatives
Clifford M. Johnson and Ana Carricchi Lopez
12/22/97, 50pp.
97-142, $5.00

Toward a New Generation of Community Jobs Programs
Clifford M. Johnson
12/19/97, 4pp.
97-144, $3.00

Housing Bills Could Weaken Welfare Reform and Create Problems For the Working Poor
Barbara Sard, Ed Lazere, Robert Greenstein and Jennifer Daskal
97-079, $5.00

House Reconciliation Bill Includes Proposal Dropped in Welfare Reform Debate that Could Push Several Million Elderly and Disabled Poor Deeper Into Poverty
David Super
7/97, 5pp.
97-061, $3.00

The Tax and Entitlement Changes Approved by House Committees: The Impact on Families in Different Income Categories
Wendell Primus and Kathryn Larin
6/97, 36pp.
97-074, $7.00

State Funding Requirements Under the New Welfare Law
Jocelyn Guyer
4/97, 20pp.
97-025, $5.00

The Administration’s Proposals to Ease Some of the Welfare Law’s Harshest Provisions
Robert Greenstein and Wendell Primus
4/97, 18pp.
97-027, $4.00

Important Choices for States Under the New Welfare Law
May 1997 34 pp. 97-051

Providing Income Support to Working Poor Families
Sharon Parrott
April 1997 20 pp. 97-026

State Funding Requirements Under the New Welfare Law
Jocelyn Guyer
April 1997 20 pp. 97-025

Providing Support to Low-Income Working Families in Connecticut
Sharon Parrott and Cindy Mann
January 1997. 11 pp. 97-009

New York Works Proposal Will Leave Gaps in the Safety Net and Put Pressure on County and New York City Budgets
Elizabeth C. McNichol
January 1997. 27 pp. 97-007

The Timeline for Implementing the New Welfare Law
Jocelyn Guyer, Cindy Mann and David Super
December 1996
92K-HTML, 24 pp. 96-079

Bearing Most of the Burden: How Deficit Reduction During the 104th Congress Concentrated on Programs for the Poor
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan and Marion Nichols
12/96, 25pp.
96-095, $5.00

The Timeline for Implementing the New Welfare Law
Jocelyn Guyer, Cindy Mann and David Super
12/96, 24pp.
96-079, $4.00

An Analysis of the AFDC-Related Medicaid Provisions in the New Welfare Law
Cindy Mann
November 1996
26K-HTML, 10 pp. 96-086

The Safety Net Delivers: The Effects of Government Benefit Programs in Reducing Poverty
Wendell Primus, Kathryn Porter, Margery Ditto and Mitchell Kent
11/96, 68pp.
96-090, $7.00

An Analysis of the AFDC-Related Medicaid Provisions in the New Welfare Law
Cindy Mann
11/96, 10pp.
96-086, $3.00

Food Stamp Provisions of Welfare Law 5/Have Harsher Effect on Unemployed Adults Than Congress Intended
10/96, 5pp.
96-091, $3.00

The New Welfare Law
David Super, Sharon Parrott, Susan Steinmetz and Cindy Mann
8/96, 37pp.

The Depth of the Food Stamp Cuts in the Welfare Bills
8/96, 4pp.
96-071, $3.00

Urban Institute Study Confirms that Welfare Bills Would Increase Child Poverty
7/96, 5pp.
96-072, $3.00

The Cato Institute Report on Welfare Benefits: Do Cato's Numbers Add Up?
Sharon Parrott
4/96, 18pp.
96-037, $4.00

The Cato Report and New York
April 1996. 2 pp. 96-038

The Cato Institute Report on Welfare Benefits: Do Cato's California Numbers Add Up?
March 1996. 14 pp. 96-016

Governors' Proposals Could Lead to Sharp State Funding Reductions in Medicaid and AFDC
Richard Kogan
3/96, 10pp.
96-011, $3.00

Will States Maintain the Safety Net? Evidence From Bad Times and Good
Elizabeth C. McNichol and Iris J. Lav
February 1996. 7 pp. 96-013

The Governors Welfare Proposal
2/96, 6pp.
96-008, $3.00

Governors Welfare Proposal Would Permit States to Withdraw Significant Resources from Programs for Poor Families
2/96, 6pp.
96-012, $3.00

The Conference Agreement on the Welfare Bill
(This analysis examines the welfare bill vetoed in 1/96)
1/96, 12pp.
95-149, $4.00

The Administration Releases New Estimates of House and Senate Budget Bills' Effects on Poverty and Income Distribution
11/95, 11pp.
95-140, $3.00

Issues Related to Poverty Numbers
11/95, 5pp.
95-128, $3.00

The Senate Welfare Bill: Effects on Children, the Elderly, and the Disabled
10/95, 25pp.
95-125, $5.00

Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing and Welfare Reform
8/95, 9pp.
95-135, $3.00

How Much Do We Spend on "Welfare"?
Sharon Parrott
8/95, 13pp.
95-032, $4.00

Summary of Effects of House Bill H.R. 4 on Low-Income Programs
5/95, 14pp.
95-064, $4.00

Cash Assistance and Related Provisions in the Personal Responsibility Act (H.R. 4)
Sharon Parrott
4/95, 25pp.
95-046, $6.00

How Would States Have Fared if the Personal Responsibility Act's Cash Assistance Block Grant Had Been Enacted in 1989 and in Place During the Recession?
4/95, 5pp.
95-043, $3.00

General Assistance Programs: Gaps in the Safety Net
Marion Nichols and Kathryn Porter
3/95, 76pp.
95-035, $10.00

Welfare, Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing, and Poverty: What is the Connection?
Sharon Parrott and Robert Greenstein
1/95, 65pp.
95-019, $10.00

Study on Job Training for Welfare Recipients Has Only Limited Implications for Welfare Reform Debate
Dan Bloom
5/94, 5pp.
94-024, $3.00

Public Attitudes Toward Welfare Reform
Geoffrey Garin and Linda DiVall
(Summary of a study by leading Democratic and Republican pollsters)
3/94, 11pp.
94-025, $5.00

Taxing Means-Tested Benefits
Robert Greenstein
3/94, 7pp.
94-023, $6.00

Financing Welfare Reform: Should Housing Subsidies Be Counted as Income in the Food Stamp Program?
Robert Greenstein
2/94, 15pp.
94-026, $6.00

No Way Out: Low Funding for Welfare Reform in Illinois Leaves Many AFDC Families in Poverty
Julie Strawn
September 1993. 32 pp. 93-009

The States and the Poor: How Budget Decisions Affected Low Income People in 1992
Iris Lav, Steven D. Gold (Center for the Study of the States), Ed Lazere and Robert Greenstein
February 1993. 95 pp. 93-010

National General Assistance Survey, 1992
Marion Nichols, Jon Dunlap and Scott Barkan
Published by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the National Conference of State Legislatures
12/92, 45pp.
92-005, $8.00

Enough to Live On: Setting an Appropriate AFDC Need Standard
Kathryn A. Larin with Kathryn H. Porter
10/92, 37pp.
92-001, $10.00

Cutting Too Deep? An Evaluation of the Proposed California AFDC Reductions
Ed Lazere, Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
May 1991. 44 pp. 91-001

Making JOBS Work: What The Research Says About Effective Employment Programs for AFDC Recipients
Kathryn Porter
3/90. 110pp.
90-006, $10.00

Monthly Reporting: A Review of Research Findings
Robert Greenstein and Marion E. Nichols
2/89. 39pp.
89-002, $8.00

Holes in the Safety Net: Poverty Programs and Policies in the States
(National Overview Report)
Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
May 1988. 73 pp. 88-002
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