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Analysis of 1999 Census Poverty and Income Data
Wendell Primus and Robert Greenstein

Improvements Needed in The Asset Test For The Supplemental Security Income Program
Kilolo Kijakazi

Options for Reducing Poverty Among Elderly Women by Improving Supplemental Security Income

Pulling Apart: A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends
January 18, 2000
78pp-report, 5pp-pr, state fact sheets
00-002, $ 9.00

Changes Since 1995 in the Safety Net's Impact on Child Poverty
2pp.-pr, 4pp.-summary, 40pp.-report

Checklist For Identifying Quality Work Sites For Public Job Creation Programs
Cliff Johnson

Federal Funding Sources for Public Job Creation Initiatives
Cliff Johnson and Steve Savner (CLASP)

Proposed Changes in The Official Measure of Poverty
November 15, 1999

Congressional Actions Would Not Avoid A Non-Social Security Deficit in 2000 But Social Security Would Not Be Raided or Harmed
6pp. 99-000

Testimony of Ed Lazere on Impact of Minimum Wage

Analysis of 1998 Poverty and Income Data

Work to Be Done: Designing Publicly-Funded Jobs To Meet Community Needs
Clifford M. Johnson and Alex Goldenberg

Competitive Welfare-to-Work Grantees Utilize Publicly-Funded Transitional Jobs to Aid Hard-to-Employ Welfare Recipients
Clifford M. Johnson and Lana Kim

Washington State's Community Jobs Initiative
Clifford M. Johnson and Lana Kim

The Widening Income Gulf

Publicly-Funded Jobs for Hard-to-Employ Welfare Recipients
Cliff Johnson

The Initial Impacts of Welfare Reform on the Economic Well-Being of Single Mother Families
90pp. 99-000

Highlights of the Final TANF Regulations
24pp. 99-000

Potential Funding Sources for Public Job Creation Initiatives
Cliff Johnson

Provisions of Final TANF Regulations Pertaining to Wage Subsidies and Publicly-Funded Jobs
Cliff Johnson

Poverty Despite Work in Kentucky

Public Job Creation: Selected References
Cliff Johnson

Public Job Creation: Current State and City Initiatives
Cliff Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Job Creation
Cliff Johnson

Poverty Rates Fall, But Remain High for a Period with Such Low Unemployment
Rev., October 1998

New Findings from Oregon Suggest Minimum Wage Increases Can Boost Wages for Welfare Recipients Moving to Work
May 1998
12pp. 98-074, $4.00

Strengths of the Safety Net: How the EITC, Social Security, and Other Government Programs Affect Poverty
March 1998
80 pp.
98-020, $10.00

Work-Study Programs for Welfare Recipients: A Job Creation Strategy that Combines Work and Education
Cliff Johnson and Esther Kaggwa

Vermont's Community Service Employment Program
Cliff Johnson

Federal Welfare-to-Work Grants: New Opportunities to Create Jobs and Assist Non-Custodial Parents
Cliff Johnson

New Findings from Oregon Suggest Minimum Wage Increases Can Boost Wages for Welfare Recipients Moving to Work
Ed Lazere

Poverty and Income Trends: 1995
Jennifer Sturiale
(This is a compendium of statistical tables; no narrative is included)
March 1997
94 pp.
97-017, $10.00

Improvements in Poverty and Income in 1995 Tempered by Troubling Long-Term Trends

Kathryn Porter
March 1997
11 pp.
97-016, $4.00

The Poverty Despite Work Handbook: Data and Guidelines for Preparing a Report on the Working Poor in Each State
Edward Lazere
April 1997
161 pp.
97-052, $12.00

An Analysis of the "Pennington" Unemployment Insurance Proposal
Isaac Shapiro
June 1997, 5 pp.
pub#: 97-068, $3.00

Trends in the Distribution of After-Tax Income: An Analysis of Congressional Budget Office Data
September 1997
26K, 9pp. 97-115, $3.00

Poverty Rate Fails to Decline as Income Growth in 1996 Favors the Affluent
September 1997
11K, 6 pp.
97-124, $3.00

Shattering the Myth of Failure: Promising Findings from Ten Public Job Creation Initiatives
Clifford Johnson

Toward a New Generation of Community Jobs Programs
Clifford Johnson

Pulling Apart: A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends
December 1997
60+ pp.,  (multiple sections)
97-147, $9.00 for report & $5.00 for state fact sheets

The Safety Net Delivers: The Effects of Government Benefit Programs in Reducing Poverty
Wendell Primus, Kathryn Porter, Margery Ditto and Mitchell Kent
November 1996
9K, 68 pp.
96-090, $7.00

The Bond Amendment to the Minimum Wage Bill

Kathryn Larin
July 1996, 4 pp.
pub#: 96-066, $3.00

Urban Institute Study Confirms that Welfare Bills Would Increase Child Poverty
July 1996
13K, 5 pp.
96-072, $3.00

Raising Families with a Full-Time Worker Out of Poverty: The Role Of An Increase in the Minimum Wage
Robert Greenstein
June 1996
5 pp.
96-050, $3.00

Raising Families with a Full-Time Worker Out of Poverty: The Role Of An Increase in the Minimum Wage

Robert Greenstein
June 1996, 5 pp.
pub#: 96-050, $3.00

The 4.3 Cent Gas Tax, "Tax Freedom Day," and the Minimum Wage
May 1996, 3 pp.
pub#: 96-042, $3.00

Assessing a $5.15-an-hour Minimum Wage
March 1996, 6 pp.
pub#: 96-025, $3.00

Congress Confronts Minimum Wage Decisions Similar to 1989 Decision
March 1996, 2 pp.
pub#: 96-023, $3.00

Unequal Shares: Income Trends Among the Wealthy
Isaac Shapiro
November 1995
10 pp.
95-147, $3.00

Effects of a Two-Week Waiting Period for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
November 1995, 4 pp.
pub#: 95-049, $3.00

Leading Economists Call for Higher Minimum Wage
October 1995, 4 pp.
pub#: 95-130, $3.00

Only High-Income Households Have Recovered Fully From the Recession
October 1995
8 pp.
95-121, $3.00

An Unraveling Consensus?: An Analysis of the Effect of the New Congressional Agenda on the Working Poor
Isaac Shapiro and Sharon Parrott
July 1995, 52 pp.
pub#: 95-093, $8.00

Unemployment Insurance Protection in 1994

Marion Nichols and Isaac Shapiro
May 1995, 25 pp.
pub#: 95-066, $5.00

Four Years and Still Falling: The Decline in the Value of the Minimum Wage
Isaac Shapiro
January 1995, 14 pp.
pub#: 95-003, $3.00

Attempts to Dismiss the Census Poverty Data
Robert Greenstein
(This analysis examines Heritage Foundation claims about poverty trends.)
September 1993
12 pp. 93-012, $4.00

Making Work Pay: The Unfinished Agenda

Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
May 1993, 68 pp.
pub#: 93-005, $8.00

White Poverty In America
Isaac Shapiro
October 1992
54 pp.
92-008, $8.00

Where Have All the Dollars Gone? A State-by-State Analysis of Income Disparities Over the 1980s
Isaac Shapiro and Scott Barancik
August 1992
54 pp.
92-007, $10.00

Far From Fixed: An Analysis of the Unemployment Insurance System
Isaac Shapiro and Marion Nichols
March 1992, 43 pp.
pub#: 92-002, $8.00

Selective Prosperity: Increasing Income Disparities Since 1977
Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
July 1991
26 pp. 91-008, $5.00

Unemployment Insurance in States with Large Hispanic Populations
Marion E. Nichols, Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
March 1991, 51 pp.
pub#: 91-012, $5.00

Real Life Poverty In America: Where the American Public Would Set the Poverty Line
William O’Hare and Taynia Mann (Population Resource Bureau), Kathryn Porter and Robert Greenstein
July 1990
47 pp.
90-007, $7.00

Fulfilling Work's Promise: Policies to Increase Incomes of the Rural Working Poor
Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
February 1990, 55 pp.
pub#: 90-005, $8.00

Laboring for Less: Working but Poor in Rural America

Isaac Shapiro
October 1989, 55 pp.
pub#: 89-001, $8.00

Poverty in Rural America: A National Overview

Kathryn H. Porter
April 1989
40 pp.
89-003, $7.00

The Minimum Wage and Job Opportunities
Isaac Shapiro
March 1989, 4 pp.
pub#: 89-006, $3.00

Still Far From the Dream: Recent Developments in Black Income, Employment and Poverty
Robert Greenstein, Kathryn Porter, Isaac Shapiro, Paul Leonard and Scott Barancik
October 1988
66 pp.
88-006, $8.00

No Escape: The Minimum Wage and Poverty
Isaac Shapiro
July 1988, 21 pp.
pub#: 87-003, $4.00
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