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Hardship Indicators Point to a Difficult Holiday Season: National Policy Response is Off Kilter

FEMA Action Raises More Doubts about Federal Commitment to Aid Katrina Victims New Policy Puts Vulnerable Families at Risk

Bringing Katrina’s Poorest Victims Home: Targeted Federal Assistance Will Be Needed To Give Neediest Evacuees Option To Return To Their Hometowns

Revised 10/20/05
Meeting the Basic Needs of Hurricane Katrina Victims: Recommendations to Federal Policymakers

Changes Needed In Katrina Transitional Housing Plan To Meet Families’ Needs
» Appendix (Program Summary)

High Stakes for the Housing Voucher Program in the 2006 Appropriations Bill
Press Release: HTM | PDF
State Fact Sheets
Summary Appendix: HTM | PDF, 2pp.
National Summary Table, 3pp.
Methodology, 13pp.
NLHA Sign-on Letter, 2pp.

Revised 8/23/05
HUD Data Show Housing Voucher Costs Leveled Off Starting In 2003 As Rental Market Cooled
» Fact Sheet | Methodology

Administration Housing Proposal Lays Groundwork For Planned Funding Reductions
» Fact Sheet | Appendix

Newly Proposed Housing Legislation Would Leave Public Housing Agencies Vulnerable To Substantial Funding Cuts and Shifting HUD Mandates

Local Effects of Housing Voucher Funding Shortfalls
» With state-by-state data

Appropriations Shortfall Cuts Funding For 80,000 Housing Vouchers This Year: Congress Rejected Deeper Reduction Sought By Administration

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