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House Bill Would Cut 125,000 Vouchers for Low-income Families
Will Fischer and Barbara Sard
Revised 12/11/02
60K-HTML, 76K-PDF, 12pp.

House VA-HUD Appropriations Bill Would Jeopardize Access to Housing Vouchers for Low-Income Families
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
Revised 11/22/02
59K-HTML, 80K-PDF, 11pp.

2002 Federal IDA Briefing Book; How IDAs Affect Eligibility for Federal Programs
Zoe Neuberger, Eileen Sweeney, Kilolo Kijakazi, Edwin Park, Stacy Dean, Barbara Sard, and Tim Harrison
462K-PDF, 65pp.

Is the Proposed Cut to the Public Housing Capital Fund Justified?
Will Fischer and Barbara Sard
Revised 9/26/02
31K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 6pp.

"Superwaiver" Would Allow Fundamental Changes to Public Housing and Homelessness Programs
12K-HTML, 107K-PDF, 14pp.

Funding New Welfare-to-Work Housing Vouchers Should Be a Priority For Fiscal Year 2003
Barbara Sard and Shayna Strom
Revised 9/10/02
Introduction: 12K-HTML, 115K-PDF, 18pp.

The Food Stamp Shelter Deduction: Helping Households with High Housing Burdens Meet Their Food Needs
Dorothy Rosenbaum, Daniel Tenny, and Sam Elkin
197K-PDF, 46pp.

"Superwaiver" Would Grant Executive Branch and Governors Sweeping Authority to Override Federal Laws (PDF)
Robert Greenstein, Shawn Fremstad, and Sharon Parrott
Revised 6/11/02
116K-PDF, 21pp.

Housing Strategies to Strengthen Welfare Policy and Support Working Families
Barbara Sard and Margy Waller
118K-PDF, 12pp. Additional materials from the joint CBPP/Brookings April 12th conference on TANF Reauthorization and Housing Policy.

Outline of How Federal Housing Programs Can Help Provide Employment and Training Opportunities and Support Services to Current and Former Welfare Recipients
Barbara Sard
Revised 4/8/02
2K-HTML, 90K-PDF, 23pp. 00-001 $5.00

A Housing Perspective on TANF Reauthorization and Support for Working Families
Barbara Sard
52K-HTML, 74K-PDF, 13pp.

Relieving The Recession: Nineteen Ways States Can Assist Low-Income Families During the Downturn
Edited by John Springer and Heidi Goldberg
8K-HTML, 312K-PDF, 49pp.

The Increasing Use of TANF and State Matching Funds to Provide Housing Assistance to Families Moving from Welfare to Work — 2001 Supplement
Barbara Sard and Tim Harrison
Revised 2/13/02
68K-HTML, 84K-PDF, 18pp.

Sources of Data on State and Local Housing Needs
Barbara Sard and Tim Harrison
Revised 2/13/02
19K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 5pp.
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