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Budget Agreement Likely To Discourage Charitable Giving By Seniors
Judith Solomon
HTML, PDF, 3pp.

The Fallacy of Using Cash and Counseling to Support Proposals to Convert Medicaid to Vouchers or Health Savings Accounts
Pat Redmond and Judith Solomon
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

Budget Conference Agreement Contains Substantial Cuts Aimed at Low-income Families and Individuals
Edwin Park, Sharon Parrott, and Robert Greenstein
HTML, PDF, 5pp.

Congressional Budget Office Estimates Reveal Severity of Medicaid Cuts in House-Passed Reconciliation Bill
Edwin Park
Revised 12/15/05
HTML, PDF, 4pp.

Medicaid Provisions of House Reconciliation Bill Both Harmful and Unnecessary Senate Bill Achieves Larger Savings Without Reducing Access to Care
Victoria Wachino, Leighton Ku, Edwin Park, and Judith Solomon
HTML, PDF, 18pp

House Budget Reconciliation Bill Would Harm People With Disabilities
Eileen Sweeney and Sharon Parrott
HTML, PDF, 7pp.

Key Questions for Judging the Outcome of House-Senate Reconciliation Negotiations
Isaac Shapiro, Sharon Parrott, and Robert Greenstein
HTML, PDF, 12pp.

Cuts In House Budget Bill Aimed At Low-Income Families Reduced By Only 2%; Other 98% Of Cuts Remain Changes Made Before the Vote Were Very Small
Robert Greenstein and Sharon Parrott
Revised 12/5/05
HTML, PDF, 3pp.

CBO Information Shows Passed House Budget Bill Would Hit the Poor Hard
Robert Greenstein, Sharon Parrott, and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 12/5/05
24K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 2pp.

The House Reconciliation Bill’s Provisions On Medicaid Co-Payments and Premiums: Are They Mild or Harsh?
Leighton Ku, Vikki Wachino and Robert Greenstein
Revised 11/22/05
32K-HTML, 97K-PDF, 7pp.

Hardship Indicators Point to a Difficult Holiday Season: National Policy Response is Off Kilter
Arloc Sherman and Isaac Shapiro
322K-HTML, 99K-PDF, 10pp.

President Bush Embraces House Budget: Official "Statement Of Administration Policy" Raises No Concerns About Cuts In Programs For Low-Income Families
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

Georgetown University Health Policy Institute Center for Children and Families:
More Than Six Million Children on Medicaid Could be Subject to Dramatically Higher Premiums and Cost-Sharing Under the House Budget Bill

Cindy Mann and Jocelyn Guyer
238K-PDF, 3pp.

Georgetown University Health Policy Institute Center for Children and Families:
House Budget Bill Would Eliminate All Current Federal Medicaid Benefit Standards for Six Million Children and Other Vulnerable People
Cindy Mann and Jocelyn Guyer
256K-PDF, 3pp.

House Medicaid Proposal Is Unnecessary and Could Impede Citizens’ Coverage
Leighton Ku and Donna Cohen Ross
18K-HTML, 77K-PDF, 3pp.

House Budget Bill Undermines Goals of Promoting Work and Responsibility
Sharon Parrott
Revised 11/8/05
26K-HTML, 47K-PDF, 2pp.

Administration Ignores MedPAC Findings and Recommendation in Threatening Veto Over Senate Medicare Provision
Edwin Park
15K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 2pp.

Unshared Sacrifice: Who’s Hurt, Who’s Helped, and What’s Spared Under the Emerging House Budget Reconciliation Plan
Sharon Parrott and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 11/2/05
44K-HTML, 75K-PDF, 9pp.
Fact Sheet: 46K-HTML, 10K-PDF, 1pp.

Health Opportunity Accounts for Low-Income Medicaid Beneficiaries: A Risky Approach
Edwin Park and Judith Solomon
Revised 11/1/05
48K-HTML, 58K-PDF, 8pp.

Understanding Florida's Medicaid Waiver Application
Winter Park Health Foundation
Posted 10/28/05

Energy and Commerce Committee Bill Imposes New Costs On Low-Income Medicaid Beneficiaries
Victoria Wachino
23K-HTML, 80K-PDF, 4pp.

Cost-Sharing Provisions in the Energy and Commerce Medicaid Proposal: Key Issues for Children and Families
Jocelyn Guyer and Cindy Mann
Revised 10/27/05
188K-PDF, 4pp.

Differences that Make a Difference: Comparing Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program Federal Benefits Standards
Cindy Mann and Elizabeth Kenny
Full Report: 122K-PDF, 8pp.
Summary: 90K-PDF, 2pp.

Larger Reconciliation Cuts in the House Would Put Low-Income Programs at Greater Risk
James Horney, Robert Greenstein, and Sharon Parrott
Revised 10/24/05
45K-HTML, 63K-PDF, 8pp.

Impact Of Additional Entitlement Cuts: A State-By-State Analysis
Sharon Parrott and Arloc Sherman
145K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 4pp.

Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Coverage Tables
Matthew Broaddus and Arloc Sherman
Updated 10/19/05
Table of Contents: 34K-HTM.
Excel files: Poverty Tables | Income Tables | Health Tables
PDF files:  Poverty Tables | Income Tables | Health Tables

Meeting the Basic Needs of Hurricane Katrina Victims: Recommendations to Federal Policymakers
Robert Greenstein
Revised 10/20/05
HTML, PDF, 19pp.

In a Time of Growing Need: State Choices Influence Health Coverage Access for Children and Families: A 50 State Update on Eligibility Rules, Enrollment and Renewal Procedures, and Cost-Sharing Practices in Medicaid and SCHIP for Children and Families
Donna Cohen-Ross, Laura Cox
3.6MB-PDF, 80pp.

An Analysis of The National Governors Association’s Proposals For “Short-Run Medicaid Reform”An Analysis of The National Governors Association’s Proposals For "Short-Run Medicaid Reform"
Victoria Wachino, Leighton Ku, Edwin Park And Judith Solomon
23K-HTML, 135K-PDF, 20pp.

Many Katrina Survivors Seeking Medicaid In Louisiana Shelters Remain Without Coverage: Medicaid Categorical Eligibility Rules Continue To Be The Major Barrier
Donna Cohen Ross
12K-HTML, 167K-PDF, 2pp.

Critical Choices: Will Congress Secure Health Care Savings by Targeting “Weak Claims” or “Weak Clients”?
Sharron Parrot
63K-HTML, 92K-PDF, 13pp.

Adopting MedPAC Recommendations to Reduce Excessive Medicare Managed Care Plan Payments Could Yield Large Budget Reconciliation Savings
Edwin Park
HTML, PDF, 6pp.

Failing To Deliver: Administration’s Medicaid Waiver Policy Excludes Many Katrina Survivors and Provides No Guarantee of Full Federal Financing
Edwin Park
HTML, PDF, 8pp.

Medicaid Categorical Eligibility Rules are Proving a Major Obstacle To Getting Health Coverage to Impoverished Katrina Victims in Louisiana
Donna Cohen Ross and Victoria Wachino
HTML, PDF, 5pp.

Medicaid and SCHIP Retention in Challenging Times: Strategies from Managed Care Organizations
Pat Redmond
7K HTML, 289K PDF, 16pp.

Statement By Robert Greenstein On Administration Mischaracterizations Regarding The Economy And New Data On Poverty, Income, And Health Insurance
10K-HTML, 145K-PDF, 1pp.

Economic Recovery Failed To Benefit Much of The Population In 2004
25K-HTML, 195K-PDF, 4pp.

The Number Of Uninsured Americans Continued To Rise In 2004
31K-HTML, 168K-PDF, 4pp.

Public Benefits: Easing Poverty and Ensuring Medical Coverage
Arloc Sherman
Revised 8/17/05
68K-HTML, 96K-PDF, 9pp.

Medicaid: Improving Health, Saving Lives
Leighton Ku
Revised 8/17/05
193K-HTML, 184K-PDF, 9pp.

Risky Business: South Carolina's Medicaid Waiver Proposal
Judith Solomon
120K-HTML, 99K-PDF, 13pp.

Online Information About Key Low-Income Benefit Programs
Sharon Parrott
Updated 8/10/05
219K-HTML, 274K-PDF, 48pp.

Press Release: What Does the Safety Net Accomplish? New Series of Reports Examines Research Findings
32K-HTML, 88K-PDF, 4pp.

New Research Sheds Light On Risks From Increasing Medicaid Cost-Sharing And Reducing Medicaid Benefits
Leighton Ku
20K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 3pp.

Medicaid Commission Named By Secretary Leavitt Lacks Balance
Leighton Ku and Victoria Wachino
10K-HTML, 62K-PDF, 1pp.

Assessing The National Governors Association's Proposals To Allow Increases In Cost-Sharing Charges To Medicaid Beneficiaries
Leighton Ku and Victoria Wachino
13K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

The Effect Of Increased Cost-Sharing In Medicaid: A Summary Of Research Findings
Leighton Ku
Revised 7/7/05
Full Report: 42K-HTML, 85K-PDF, 11pp.
Press Release: 16K-HTML, 166K-PDF, 2pp.

Protecting Low-Income and Moderate-Income Families' Savings
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and The Retirement Security Project
Summary: 52K-HTML, 92K-PDF, 8pp.
Full Report: 466K-PDF, 52pp.
Press Release: 21K-HTML, 84K-PDF, 3pp.
The Effect of Asset Tests on Saving: 135K-PDF, 7pp.

CBPP Statement: Robert Greenstein Comments on the National Governors Association's Medicaid Recommendations
9K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 2pp.

Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses For Medicaid Beneficiaries Are Substantial And Growing
Leighton Ku and Matthew Broaddus
Full Report: 64K-HTML, 66K-PDF, 6pp.
Press Release: 16K-HTML, 166K-PDF, 2pp.

Is Missouri's Medicaid Program Out-of-Step and Inefficient?
Leighton Ku and Judith Solomon
37K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 7pp.

Element of Medicare Trustees' Report Could Spell Trouble For Beneficiaries In Future Years
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, Edwin Park
Revised 3/31/05
36K-HTML, 66K-PDF, 7pp.

House Budget Resolution Would Require Much Deeper Cuts In Key Low-Income Programs Than Senate Budget Plan
Sharon Parrott, Arloc Sherman, and Bradley Hardy
Full Report: 800K-HTML, 119K-PDF, 21pp.
Press Release: 19K-HTML, 56K-PDF, 3pp.
Appendix: HTML
State Data: HTML

The Senate's Cuts in Medicaid and SCHIP Substantially Exceed Those the Administration Proposed
Victoria Wachino
Revised 3/14/05
12K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

The House Budget Committee's Proposed Medicaid and SCHIP Cuts Are Larger Than Those the Administration Proposed
Victoria Wachino
Revised 3/10/05
13K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

Medicaid Cuts In President’s Budget Would Harm States and Likely Increase Ranks Of Uninsured
13K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 3pp.

Medicaid Budget Proposals Would Shift Costs To States And Be Likely To Cause Reductions In Health Coverage: Administration’s Proposal Also Implies Cap On Federal Funding
Victoria Wachino, Andy Schneider and Leighton Ku
131K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 11pp.

Future Medicaid Growth Is Not Due to Flaws in the Program's Design, But to Demographic Trends and General Increases in Health Care Costs
21K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 5pp.

Medicaid and SCHIP Protected Insurance Coverage for Millions of Low-Income Americans
Leighton Ku, Matt Broaddus and Victoria Wachino
130K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 7pp.

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