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Hunger, Crowding, and Other Hardships Are Widespread Among Families in Poverty
Arloc Sherman
Press Release: 18K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.
Full Report: 38K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 7pp.

Using The Internet To Facilitate Enrollment In Benefit Programs: Eligibility Screeners And Online Applications
Liz Schott and Sharon Parrott
Overview: 11K-HTML
Full Report: 134K-PDF, 33pp.

The Potential Impact of Eliminating TennCare and Reverting to Medicaid: A Preliminary Analysis
Leighton Ku and Victoria Wachino
Full Report: 50K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 8pp.
Press Release: 19K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 2pp.

Covering New Americans: A Review of Federal and State Policies Related to Immigrants' Eligibility and Access to Publicly Funded Health Insurance
Shawn Fremstad and Laura Cox
View the report on Kaiser's web site

The Effects of Copayments on the Use of Medical Services and Prescription Drugs in Utah’s Medicaid Program
Leighton Ku, Elaine Deschamps and Judi Hilman
547K-HTML, 87K-PDF, 16pp.

Fact Sheet:
Administration Plan For Expiring SCHIP Funds Would Weaken Program
12K-HTML, 129K-PDF, 2pp.

Beneath the Surface: Barriers Threaten to Slow Progress on Expanding Health Coverage of Children and Families
Donna Cohen Ross and Laura Cox
278K-PDF, 62pp.

Assessing the Administration's Claims that Extending $1.1 Billion in Expiring SCHIP Funds is Not Necessary to Sustain Existing Children's Enrollment
Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus
30K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 5pp.

Congress Can Preserve $1.1 Billion In Expiring Children’s Health Insurance Funds and Help Avert SCHIP Cutbacks
Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus
Revised 9/28/04
326K-HTML, 57K-PDF, 10pp.

Initial Data on Individual Market Enrollment Fail To Dispel Concerns About Health Savings Accounts
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
56K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 9pp.

Assessing the HSA Coalition's Coverage Estimates For the Administration's Proposed HSA Tax Deduction
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
48K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 9pp.

Online Information About Key Low-Income Benefit Programs
Sharon Parrott
Revised 9/10/04
219K-HTML, 245K-PDF, 38pp.

Will Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Coverage Improve Significantly in 2004?
Isaac Shapiro, Robert Greenstein, and Leighton Ku
18K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 3pp.

Census Data Show Poverty Increased, Income Stagnated, and the Number of Uninsured Rose to a Record Level In 2003
Revised 8/27/04
78K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 10pp.

Number of Americans Without Insurance Reaches Highest Level on Record
Revised 8/27/04
40K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 6pp.

Statement by Robert Greenstein, Executive Director, on the Release of 2003 Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Estimates by the Census Bureau
Revised 8/27/04
8K-HTML, 18K-PDF, 1pp.

Mississippi's Flawed Medicaid Waiver Proposal: Waiver Provides No Benefit to Most People the State Is Planning to Cut Off of Medicaid and Could Lead to Additional Medicaid Cuts Later
Leighton Ku
40K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 8pp.

New Retirement Medical Account Proposal Would Create Lucrative Tax Shelter And Swell Deficits, But Do Little To Help Low- And Moderate-Income Seniors
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
Revised 7/22/04
49K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 9pp.

Will the New TennCare Cutbacks Help Tennessee’s Economy?
Leighton Ku
20K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 4pp.

A Response to GAO’s Criticisms of State Fiscal Grants
Nicholas Johnson and Edwin Park
25K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 5pp.

Proposal For New HSA Tax Deduction Found Likely to Increase the Ranks of the Uninsured
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
59K-HTML, 55K-PDF, 10pp.
Press Release: 27K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 3pp.

Overlooked Element of Medicare Trustees’ Report Could Spell Trouble For Beneficiaries in Future Years
Edwin Park, Robert Greenstein, and Richard Kogan
Revised 4/20/04
38K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 7pp.

Administration's Proposed Tax Credit For The Purchase Of Health Insurance Could Weaken Employer-Based Health Insurance
Edwin Park
Revised 4/6/04
26K-HTML, 100K-PDF, 22pp.

Substantial Flaws in Trade Health Insurance Tax Credit Need To Be Addressed Before Consideration of an Expansion
Edwin Park
51K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 10pp.

Administration’s Proposed Deduction For Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Likely To Be Ineffective and Costly, and Of Primary Benefit To Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park
26K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 5pp.

President Proposes to Make Tax Benefits of Health Savings Accounts More Lucrative for Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
Revised 2/9/04
37K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 7pp.

New Food Stamp Outreach Opportunity: Medicare Discount Drug Card Offers An Opportunity To Expand Food Stamp Enrollment Among The Elderly And People With Disabilities
Dorothy Rosenbaum
45K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 10pp.

Improving Children’s Health: A Chartbook About the Roles of Medicaid and SCHIP
Leighton Ku and Sashi Nimalendran
51K-HTML, 67K-PDF, 20pp.

Out in the Cold: Enrollment Freezes in Six State Children's Health Insurance Programs Withhold Coverage from Eligible Children
Donna Cohen Ross and Laura Cox
Revised 1/15/04
Summary: 59K-HTML, 52K-PDF, Full Report: 16pp.

Aligning Policies and Procedures In Benefit Programs: An Overview of the Opportunities and Challenges Under Current Federal Laws and Regulations
Sharon Parrott and Stacy Dean
73K-HTML, 70K-PDF, 15pp.

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