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Quarterly Status Reporting Could Jeopardize The Health Coverage Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Eligible Low-Income Californians
Donna Cohen Ross and Leighton Ku
Revised 12/23/02
21K-HTML, 21K-PDF, 9pp.

Proposed State Medicaid Cuts Would Jeopardize Health Insurance Coverage for One Million People
Leighton Ku, Melanie Nathanson, Edwin Park, Laura Cox and Matt Broaddus
56K-HTML, 82K-PDF, 11pp.

Congress Fails to Approve Bipartisan Legislation to Extend Expiring Funds for Children's Health Insurance
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
17K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 3pp.

OMB Estimates Indicate That 900,000 Children Will Lose Health Insurance Due to Reductions in Federal SCHIP Funding
Edwin Park, Leighton Ku and Matthew Broaddus
Revised 11/7/02
162K-HTML, 60K-PDF, 11pp.

515,000 Children Would Lose Health Insurance Over the Next Five Years Under Flawed Administration SCHIP Proposal
Edwin Park and Matthew Broaddus
Revised 11/7/02
134K-HTML, 70K-PDF, 12pp.

2002 Federal IDA Briefing Book; How IDAs Affect Eligibility for Federal Programs
Zoe Neuberger, Eileen Sweeney, Kilolo Kijakazi, Edwin Park, Stacy Dean, Barbara Sard, and Tim Harrison
462K-PDF, 65pp.

The Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Rose in 2001 and Appears to Be Continuing to Rise in 2002
Leighton Ku
Revised 10/8/02
67K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 7pp.

New CDC Data Show the Importance of Sustaining Medicaid and SCHIP Coverage as Private Health Insurance Erodes in 2002
Leighton Ku
Revised 10/8/02
17K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 3pp.

GAO Report Raises Concerns About Recent Health Care Waivers: Findings Relevant to Current "Superwaiver" Debate
Shawn Fremstad
46K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 8pp.

House Passes Health Tax Package That Provides Little Assistance To People with Long-Term Care Needs
Edwin Park
30K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 6pp.

State Medicaid Cutbacks and the Federal Role In Providing Fiscal Relief to States
Leighton Ku, Donna Cohen Ross, and Melanie Nathanson
Revised 8/2/02
27K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 8pp.

Enrolling Children and Families in Health Coverage: The Promise of Doing More
Donna Cohen Ross and Laura Cox
801K-PDF, 64pp.

House Ways and Means Committee Health Tax Package Provides Little Assistance to People with Long-Term Care Needs
Edwin Park
30K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 5pp.

Improving Transitional Medicaid to Promote Work and Strengthen Health Insurance Coverage
Leighton Ku and Edwin Park
Revised 4/29/02
43K-HTML, 74K-PDF, 12pp.

Medical Savings Account Provisions in House-Passed Patients' Bill of Rights Could Drive up The Price of Health Insurance Premiums And Increase The Number of Uninsured
Edwin Park and Iris J. Lav
39K-HTML, 55K-PDF, 10pp.

Relieving The Recession: Nineteen Ways States Can Assist Low-Income Families During the Downturn
Edited by John Springer and Heidi Goldberg
8K-HTML, 312K-PDF, 49pp.

Testimony of Iris Lav on Health Care Tax Credits to Decrease the Number of the Uninsured
Iris Lav
Oral Testimony: 8K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 2pp.
Written Testimony: 64K-PDF, 17pp.

Expanding Family Coverage: States' Medicaid Eligibility Policies for Working Families in the Year 2000
Matthew Broaddus, Shannon Blaney, Annie Dude, Jocelyn Guyer, Leighton Ku, and Jaia Peterson
Revised 2/13/02
Summary: 23K-HTML, 217K-PDF, 67pp.

Administration's Budget Includes Additional Health Tax Cuts That Primarily Benefit Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park
14K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 4pp.

Health Insurance Proposals in Administration's Budget Could Weaken the Employer-Based Health Insurance System
Edwin Park
Revised 2/5/02
29K-HTML, 56K-PDF, 8pp.
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