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Allowing Families to Self-Report Income: A Promising Strategy for Simplifying Enrollment in Children's Health Coverage Programs
Laura Cox
47K-HTML, 95K-PDF, 12pp.

Administration's Regulation to Reduce Medicaid "Upper Payment Limit" Would Further Worsen State Budget Crises
Leighton Ku and Edwin Park
12K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 4pp.

Do Proposals to Increase Funding for National Emergency Grants Provide an Effective Way to Meet the Health Insurance and Other Needs of Laid-off Workers?
Sandra Clark
Revised 11/27/01
16K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 4pp.
pub. # 01-209, $3.00

OMB Estimates Indicate 400,000 Children Will Lose Health Insurance Due to Reductions in SCHIP Funding
Edwin Park and Matthew Broaddus
67K-HTML, 88K-PDF, 18pp.
Executive Summary: 23K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 6pp.
pub. # 01-200, $4.00

Special Series - Enrolling Children in Health Coverage Programs: Schools Are Part of the Equation
Donna Cohen Ross and Meg Booth
Briefs in this series include:
Enrolling Children in Health Coverage Programs: Schools Are Part of the Equation, 76-PDF, 8pp.
Involving the School Community In Children's Health Coverage Outreach, 65K-PDF, 8pp.
Children's Health Coverage Outreach: A Special Role for School Nurses, 73K-PDF, 8pp.
Enrolling Children in Health Coverage Before They Start School: Activities for Early Childhood Programs, 67K-PDF, 8pp.
Conducting Children's Health Coverage Outreach In Non-Traditional Educational Settings, 66K-PDF, 8pp.

Federal Aid to State Medicaid Programs Is Falling While The Economy Weakens
Leighton Ku and Edwin Park
Revised 10/26/01
37K-HTML, 84K-PDF, 8pp.
pub. # 01-181, $3.00

Many States Are Considering Medicaid Cutbacks In The Midst of The Economic Downturn
Leighton Ku and Emily Rothbaum
Revised 10/26/01
31K-HTML, 92K-PDF, 8pp.
pub. # 01-192, $3.00

Unemployed Workers Need Help With Health Insurance
Sharon Parrott
16K-HTML, 76K-PDF, 4pp.
pub. # 01-191, $3.00

Health Care Provisions of House Ways And Means Committee Stimulus Package Offer Little Help For The Health Insurance Needs of Unemployed Workers
Edwin Park and Leighton Ku
Revised 10/19/01
31K-HTML, 89K-PDF, 8pp.
pub. # 01-182, $3.00

Temporary Medicaid Improvements As Part of a Stimulus Package
Edwin Park and Leighton Ku
25K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 6pp.
pub. # 01-179, $3.00

Counting the Uninsured: A Guide for the Perplexed
Leighton Ku
12K-HTML, 76K-PDF, 3pp.
pub. # 01-165, $3.00

Coordinating Medicaid and Food Stamps: How New Food Stamp Policies Can Reduce Barriers to Health Care Coverage for Low-Income Working Families
Liz Schott, Stacy Dean, Jocelyn Guyer
Introduction: 10K-HTML, Full Report: 104K-PDF, 35pp.
pub. # 01-160, $6.00

Administration Medicaid and SCHIP Waiver Policy Encourages States to Scale Back Benefits Significantly and Increase Cost-Sharing for Low-Income Beneficiaries
49K-HTML, 72K-PDF, 13pp.
pub # 01-145, $4.00

Congress Has a $28 Billion Opportunity to Expand Coverage For Low-Income Working Families With Children
Jocelyn Guyer
46K-HTML, 125K-PDF, 16pp.
View Fact Sheets
pub # 01-127, $6.00

Possible Health Insurance Deduction Amendment To the Patients' Bill of Rights Offers Little Help to the Uninsured
Iris J. Lav and Edwin Park
26K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 7pp.
01-121, $3.00

Likely Medical Savings Account Amendments to Patient's Bill of Rights Could Drive Up the Price of Health Insurance Premiums and Increase the Number of Uninsured
Iris J. Lav and Edwin Park
34K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 9pp.
01-113, $3.00

Mother's Day 2001 Finds Six Million Mothers Lack Health Insurance
Jocelyn Guyer, Matthew Broaddus, and Annie Dude
Press release: 7K-HTML, 18K-PDF, 1pg.,
Full Report: 129K-PDF, 10pp.
State Fact Sheets: AL-KS, KY-ND, and OH-WY.
pub # 01-194, $3.00

How Social Workers Can Link Children to Free and Low-Cost Health Insurance
Jacqueline Patterson and Laura Cox
24K-HTML and 86K-HTML, 6pp
pub. # 01-004, $3.00

Selected States Have a New Opportunity to Use More of Their SCHIP Funds for Outreach; Roughly 23 States Now Have More Than $100 Million in Federal SCHIP Matching Funds Available to Help Boost Enrollment
Matthew Broaddus, Jocelyn Guyer, and Donna Cohen Ross
pub. # 01-085, $3.00

Administration MSA Expansions Could Drive Up Health Insurance Premiums and Create New Tax Shelter
Iris J. Lav and Edwin Park
Revised 4/24/01
32K-HTML, 87K-PDF, 9pp

Medicaid Spending: Rising Again, but Not to Crisis Levels
Leighton Ku and Jocelyn Guyer
pub. # 01-078, $4.00

Asset Tests and Low Saving Rates Among Lower-Income Families
Peter R. Orszag
22K-HTML, 85K-PDF, 6pp.

Reducing the Number of Uninsured Children: Outreach and Enrollment Efforts. Testimony before the Senate Finance Committee
Donna Cohen Ross

Tax Credits for Individuals to Buy Health Insurance Won't Help Many Uninsured Families
Iris J. Lav and Joel Friedman
96K-PDF, 25pp
pub. # 01-022, $5.00

Enrolling Children In Health Coverage: It Can Start With School Lunch
Donna Cohen Ross
153K-PDF, 48pp. pub. # 01-006, $0.00
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