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New Bush Administration Decision Makes States Base Food Stamp Benefit Levels For This Winter On Last Year’s Heating Costs: Increased Hardship Likely To Result
Dottie Rosenbaum and Stacy Dean
Full Report: HTML, PDF, 5pp.
Press Release: HTML, PDF, 2pp.

House Budget Reconciliation Bill Would Harm People With Disabilities
Eileen Sweeney and Sharon Parrott
HTML, PDF, 7pp.

House Reconciliation Bill Targets Food Stamp Program For Cuts
Dorothy Rosenbaum, Stacy Dean, and Zoë Neuberger
Revised 12/6/05
HTML, PDF, 12pp.

Hardship Indicators Point to a Difficult Holiday Season: National Policy Response is Off Kilter
Arloc Sherman and Isaac Shapiro
322K-HTML, 99K-PDF, 10pp.

Supposed Easing Of House Food Stamp Immigrant Cut Turns Out To Be Largely Cosmetic: Change Retains Full Cut, Merely Phases It In Over Several Years
14K-HTML, 43K-PDF, 2pp.

House Agriculture Committee Reconciliation Package Targets Food Stamp Program for Cuts
Stacy Dean and Dorothy Rosenbaum
Revised 11/8/05
35K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 7pp.

Impact Of Additional Entitlement Cuts: A State-By-State Analysis
Sharon Parrott and Arloc Sherman
145K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 4pp.

Meeting the Basic Needs of Hurricane Katrina Victims: Recommendations to Federal Policymakers
Robert Greenstein
Revised 10/20/05
HTML, PDF, 19pp.

Public Benefits: Easing Poverty and Ensuring Medical Coverage
Arloc Sherman
Revised 8/17/05
68K-HTML, 96K-PDF, 9pp.

Food And Nutrition Programs: Reducing Hunger, Bolstering Nutrition
Dorothy Rosenbaum and Zoё Neuberger
Revised 8/17/05
325K-HTML, 364K-PDF, 11pp.

The Superwaiver Would Cause Serious Damage To The Food Stamp Program And Place Benefits For Low-Income Families At Risk
Stacy Dean
Revised 8/10/05
53K-HTML, 86K-PDF, 10pp.

Five-State Food Stamp Block Grant Proposal In House Welfare Bill Would Risk Serious Harm To Low-Income Families
Stacy Dean, Dottie Rosenbaum, and Robert Greenstein
Revised 8/10/05
37K-HTML, 90K-PDF, 11pp.

Online Information About Key Low-Income Benefit Programs
Sharon Parrott
Updated 8/10/05
219K-HTML, 274K-PDF, 48pp.

Press Release: What Does the Safety Net Accomplish? New Series of Reports Examines Research Findings
32K-HTML, 88K-PDF, 4pp.

Food Stamps and The Cuts That The Agriculture Committees Must Make: What Is A Fair Share Of The Cuts For The Food Stamp Program To Bear?
Dorothy Rosenbaum
30K-HTML, 90K-PDF, 6pp.

Food Stamp Overpayment Error Rate Hits Record Low In 2004
36K-HTML, 99K-PDF, 7pp.

The Food Stamp Program; Working Smarter for Working Families
Dorothy Rosenbaum and David Super
Revised 6/29/05
60K-HTML, 39K-PDF, 6pp.

The Food Stamp Program Is Effective and Efficient
Dorothy Rosenbaum
Revised 6/29/05
51K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 4pp.

Protecting Low-Income and Moderate-Income Families' Savings
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and The Retirement Security Project
Summary: 52K-HTML, 92K-PDF, 8pp.
Full Report: 466K-PDF, 52pp.
Press Release: 21K-HTML, 84K-PDF, 3pp.
The Effect of Asset Tests on Saving: 135K-PDF, 7pp.

WIC Budget Proposal Would Discourage Cost Containment and Represent Unsound Policy
Zoë Neuberger and Robert Greenstein
32K-HTML, 36K-PDF, 6pp.

Administration’s Budget Proposes To Cut the Food Stamp Program
Stacy Dean
30K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 4pp.
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