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2002 Federal IDA Briefing Book; How IDAs Affect Eligibility for Federal Programs
Zoe Neuberger, Eileen Sweeney, Kilolo Kijakazi, Edwin Park, Stacy Dean, Barbara Sard, and Tim Harrison
462K-PDF, 65pp.

The Food Stamp Shelter Deduction: Helping Households with High Housing Burdens Meet Their Food Needs
Dorothy Rosenbaum, Daniel Tenny, and Sam Elkin
197K-PDF, 46pp.

States Have Significant Flexibility in the Food Stamp Program
Dorothy Rosenbaum
32K-HTML, 55K-PDF, 9pp.

"Superwaiver" Would Grant Executive Branch and Governors Sweeping Authority to Override Federal Laws
Robert Greenstein, Shawn Fremstad, and Sharon Parrott
Rev. 6/11/02
116K-PDF, 21pp.

Nutrition Provisions of Final 2002 Farm Bill
Dorothy Rosenbaum
39K-HTML, 56K-PDF, 8pp.

A Brief Summary of Issues in Making WIC an Individual Entitlement
Sandra Clark
16K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 4pp.

A Summary of Issues in Making WIC an Individual Entitlement
Sandra Clark
57K-HTML 81K-PDF, 14pp.

Latest Data Show WIC Program Will Badly Need Supplemental Funding in FY 2002
Robert Greenstein and Sandra Clark
Revised 3/12/02
14K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 4pp.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Nutrition Titles of House and Senate Passed Farm Bill
Dottie Rosenbaum
Revised 2/25/02
50K-HTML, 67K-PDF, 14pp.

Relieving The Recession: Nineteen Ways States Can Assist Low-Income Families During the Downturn
Edited by John Springer and Heidi Goldberg
8K-HTML, 312K-PDF, 49pp.

The Food Stamp Program: Important Sources of Information on the Program and Policy
David Super and Kathy Patchan
Revised 1/7/02
46K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 13pp.
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