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Food Stamps Can Help Low-Income Working Families Put Food On The Table
Sharon Parrott and Stacy Dean
March 31, 1999

A Quick Guide To Calculating Food Stamp Benefits For Families With Children
March 23, 1999

Implementing Individual Exemptions from the Food Stamp Three Month Time Limit
Stacy Dean
December 11, 1998

New Federal Food Stamp Restoration for Legal Immigrants: Implications and Implementation Issues (12K-HTML)
Kelly Carmody and Stacy Dean
July 10, 1998

The Ag. Research Act Restores Food Stamps to Some Vulnerable Immigrants (5K-HTML)
David Super
June 29, 1998

A Guide to Estimate the Cost of a State-Funded Food Stamps Program for Legal Immigrants (99K-HTML)
Jennifer Daskal and Kelly Carmody
December 1997

States Now Have the Option to Purchase Food Stamps to Provide Food Assistance to Legal Immigrants (23K)
Stacy Dean
December 1997 8 pp. 97-073

Correcting Flaws in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Related to Food Stamp Recipients Subject to the Three Month Cut-off
Stacy Dean
June 1997 6 pp. 97-081

What is the WIC Full Funding Level?
Robert Greenstein, Jennifer Daskal and Edward Lazere
April 1997 7 pp. 97-036

The Implementation of the New Restrictions on Legal Immigrants’ Eligibility for Food Stamps
David Super
April 1997 2 pp. 97-033

Who Will Lose Food Stamps Under the Three-Month Cut-Off? (7K-HTML)
March 1997 2 pp. 97-092

Food Stamp Provisions of Welfare Law May Have Harsher Effect on Unemployed Adults Than Congress Intended
October 1996. 5 pp. 96-091

Legal Immigrants' Eligibility for Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps Under the New Welfare Law
October 1996. 2 pp. 96-089

The State Option to Exclude Immigrants from WIC: The Impact on State Finances
Kathryn Larin
September 1996. 11 pp. 96-087

The Depth of the Food Stamp Cuts In the Final Welfare Bills
August 1996. 4 pp. 96-071

Maintaining a Competitive Market: The Long-Term Threat to WIC Cost Containment
Kathryn Larin
May 1996. 36 pp. 96-045

Should States Elect the Food Stamp Block Grant?: Issues for State Policymakers to Consider
December 1995. 21. 95-153

Issues in Developing a Formula to Allocate Food Stamp Block Grant Funds Among States
July 1995. 7 pp. 95-085

Would Converting Food Stamps to a Block Grant Ease Problems Created by an AFDC Block Grant Funding Formula?
July 1995. 5 pp. 95-086

How Would States Have Fared if the Food Stamp Block Grant Proposed by Several Governors Had Been in Effect for the Past Five Years?
David A. Super
July 1995. 5 pp. 95-101

Should the Food Stamp Program be Block Granted?
Robert Greenstein
June 1995. 15 pp. 95-024

The Child Nutrition Block Grants
Robert Greenstein and David Super
April 1995. 10 pp. 95-047

Do the Block Grants Cut Child Nutrition Programs?
April 1995. 9 pp. 95-031

The Food Stamp Provisions of the House Welfare Bill
Robert Greenstein and David Super
April 1995. 10 pp. 95-052

Discussion of Selected Food Stamp Provisions in the Personal Responsibility Act
April 1995. 11 pp. 95-053

Analysis of Infant Formula Cost Containment in Fiscal Year 1994
March 1995. 16 pp. 95-054

Universal School Lunch: A Timely Idea?
Robert Greenstein
May 1994. 10 pp. 94-029

Financing Welfare Reform: Should Housing Subsidies Be Counted as Income in the Food Stamp Program?
Robert Greenstein
February 1994. 15 pp. 94-026

Directory of Commodity Supplemental Food Programs
May 1993. 18 pp. 93-003

Working Together: A Review of State WIC Agencies' Referral Materials for Medicaid
Sibyll Carnochan and Laura Summer
April 1992. 17 pp. 92-010

Strength in Numbers: Multi-State Cost Containment in the WIC Program
Joseph Tiang-Yau Liu
July 1991. 58 pp. 91-009

Working Together: A Guide to Coordinating WIC and Medicaid Services
Laura Summer
June 1991. 37 pp. 91-014

Corporate Support for the WIC Program
(Testimony Presented to the House Committee on the Budget. Includes highlights from testimony of the chairmen of AT&T, BellSouth Corporation, Honeywell, Inc., The Prudential Insurance Company, and Sky Chefs, Inc.)
March 1991. 91-019

Monthly Reporting: A Review of Research Findings
Robert Greenstein and Marion E. Nichols
February 1989. 39 pp. 89-002

Targeting Benefits in the WIC Program
Laura Summer
October 1988. 97 pp. 88-007
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