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Health Savings Accounts In Final Medicare Conference Agreement Pose Threats Both To Long-Term Fiscal Policy And To The Employer-Based Health Insurance System
Robert Greenstein and Edwin Park
Revised 12/1/03
21K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 4pp.

Congressional Leadership Pushes For Extending Expiring Tax Breaks, But Ignores Expiring Unemployment Benefits
Joel Friedman, David Kamin, and Isaac Shapiro
27K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 6pp.

The Energy Bill: More Tax Breaks in the Face of Rising Deficits
 David Kamin, Joel Friedman, and Richard Kogan
22K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 3pp.

Gimmicks Mask True Cost of Revised Thomas Corporate Tax-Cut Package
Joel Friedman
21K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 4pp.

The Decline of Corporate Income Tax Revenues
Joel Friedman
Revised 10/24/03
200K-HTML, 70K-PDF, 13pp.
Fact Sheet: 14K-HTML, 26K-PDF, 2pp.

Federal Income Taxes, as a Share of GDP, Drop to Lowest Level Since 1942, According to Final Budget Data
Isaac Shapiro
67K-HTML, 39K-PDF, 7pp.

More Fiscally Irresponsible Tax Cuts This Fall?
Joel Friedman
53K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 6pp.

Press Release: The New, Definitive CBO Data On Income And Tax Trends
Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
36K-HTML, 176K-PDF, 3pp.

The New, Definitive CBO Data On Income And Tax Trends
Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
245K-HTML, 201K-PDF, 16pp.

Are Policies That Assist Low-Income Workers Receiving Appropriate Priority?
Edited by Isaac Shapiro and Sharon Parrott
79K-HTML, 90K-PDF, 14pp.

Are Child Tax Credit Checks - Or Checks To Millionaires - The Appropriate Backdrop For A Speech On The 2003 Tax Cuts?
Isaac Shapiro
32K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 3pp.

OMB Figures Show Revenues - Due To Tax Cuts - At Exceptionally Low Levels, While Spending Levels Are Not Especially High
Isaac Shapiro and Richard Kogan
86-HTML, 25K-PDF, 2pp.

The New Senate Republican Offer On The Child Tax Credit
Robert Greenstein
60K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 5pp.

The Ways And Means Committee Pension Tax-Cut Legislation: Unsound Policy That Digs The Nation's Fiscal Hole Deeper
Peter Orszag and Robert Greenstein
Revised 7/22/03
54K-HTML, 71K-PDF, 9pp.

New Treasury Tax Cut Examples Mislead More Than They Inform
Robert Greenstein
39K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 4pp.

Sanitizing The Grim News: The Administration's Efforts to Make Harmful Deficits Appear Benign
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
60K-HTML, 73K-PDF, 6pp.

New Health Savings Security Accounts Could Reduce State Revenues By Up To $30 Billion Over The Next Ten Years
Iris J. Lav and Andrew Lee
25K-HTML, 62K-PDF, 11pp.

Health Savings Security Accounts: A Costly Tax Cut That Could Weaken Employer-Based Health Insurance
Edwin Park, Joel Friedman and Andrew Lee
Revised 7/8/03
115K-HTML, 97K-PDF, 22pp.

What's In A Name? House Bill Would Change Name But Not The Substance Of A Proposed Expansion Of Medical Savings Accounts
Edwin Park and Iris J. Lav
Revised 7/8/03
64K-HTML, 62K-PDF, 12pp.

War, Tax Cuts, And The Deficit
Richard Kogan
Revised 7/8/03
60K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 5pp.

Press Release: "Health Savings Security Accounts" Proposal In House Could Weaken Employer-Based Health Coverage
John Springer
18K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 2pp.

The New Senate Child Credit Legislation - What It Does And Does Not Do
Robert Greenstein
Revised 6/25/03
40K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 33pp.

House Child Credit Legislation Not Fiscally Responsible; Bill More Likely to Harm Children than to Assist Them
Robert Greenstein
Revised 6/23/03
41K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 3pp.

Permanent Repeal Of The Estate Tax Would Be Costly, Yet Would Benefit Only A Few, Very Large Estates
Joel Friedman and Andrew Lee
Summary: 13K-HTML, Full Report: 96K-PDF, 19pp.

Fact Sheet: Estate Tax Should Be Reformed, Not Repealed
John Springer
14K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.

Fact Sheet: Estate Tax Affects Very Few Family Businesses
John Springer
8K-HTML, 19K-PDF, 2pp.

Fact Sheet: Repealing the Estate Tax Would Reduce Charitable Giving
John Springer
8K-HTML, 19K-PDF, 1pp.

House Child Credit Bill Gives Bigger Tax Break to Members of Congress than to Low-Income Working Families
Robert Greenstein
9K-HTML, 17K-PDF, 1pp.

Who Benefits If The Level At Which The Child Tax Credit Begins Phasing Out Is Raised To $150,000?
Robert Greenstein
20K-HTML, 21K-PDF, 2pp.

Federal Tax Changes Likely To Cost States Billions Of Dollars In Coming Years
Nicholas Johnson
Revised 6/5/03
90K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 7pp.

Bush Tax Cuts To Send Revenues, As A Share Of GDP, To Lowest Level Since 1959
Isaac Shapiro
16K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 3pp.

New Tax Cut Law Uses Gimmicks To Mask Costs; Ultimate Price Tag Likely To Be $800 Billion To $1 Trillion
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, and Joel Friedman
Revised 6/1/03
51K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 9pp.

Tax Cut Law Leaves Out 8 Million Filers Who Pay Income Taxes
Robert Greenstein
Revised 6/1/03
40K-HTML, , 3pp.

Was There Enough Room In The Tax Bill For The Low-Income Child Tax Credit Provision?
Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
Revised 5/30/03
14K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 3pp.

How The New Tax Law Alters The Child Tax Credit And How Low-Income Families Are Affected
Andrew Lee and Robert Greenstein
Revised 5/29/03
28K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 4pp.

Administration Continues To Rely On Misleading Use Of "Averages" To Describe Tax-Cut Benefits
Andrew Lee and Joel Friedman
12K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

Brookings Economists Find Magnitude Of Gimmicks In New Tax Law Represents Sharp Departure From The Past
10K-HTML, 18K-PDF, 1pp.

Fact Sheet: True Cost Of New Tax Legislation May Reach $1 Trillion
26K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 2pp.

Tax Policy Center And CBPP Analyses Show That House Tax Plan Would Be More Tilted Toward The Very Wealthy - And More Expensive - Than Bush Plan
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, and Andrew Lee
Revised 5/21/03
43K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 5pp.

Proposed Federal Tax Changes Likely To Cost States Billions Of Dollars In Coming Years
Nicholas Johnson
108K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 8pp.

Press Release: Senate Appears Poised To Approve Tax Cut With Actual Cost Of $660 Billion
15K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 2pp.

Nickles Dividend Amendment Relies On Budget Gimmicks, Would Balloon Ultimate Cost Of Senate Package To About $660 Billion
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
Revised 5/15/03
28K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 4pp.

New Joint Committee On Taxation Study Finds Negative Long-Term Economic Effects From House Tax Bill
Peter Orszag
Revised 5/14/03
18K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 3pp.

New CBO Data Show Deficit Will Be Higher Than Earlier Forecast As Revenues Fall To Their Lowest Level In Decades, As A Share Of GDP
Isaac Shapiro
81K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.

Press Release: Federal Revenues Below Expectations, Casting Doubt on Affordability of New Tax Cuts; Revenues at Lowest Point in Decades as Share of GDP
John Springer
17K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

Despite Some Improvements Over Other Bills, Senate Finance Committee Tax-Cut Measure Remains Deeply Flawed
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
69K-HTML, 65K-PDF, 10pp.

Millionaires and the Ways and Means Tax Plan
Isaac Shapiro
32K-HTML, 26K-PDF, 3pp.

Federal Revenues Appear To Be Drying Up More Than Expected; By Key Measure, Revenues May Hit Lowest Level in About Four Decades, Even Before New Tax Cuts
Isaac Shapiro
72K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 4pp.

Fact Sheet: Gimmicks Will Make Tax Package Even Poorer Stimulus But No Less Costly
John Springer
14K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

Fact Sheet: Pension Proposal Will Boost Deficit, Probably Won't Boost Retirement Saving
John Springer
19K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

Proposed Expansion Of Medical Savings Accounts Could Drive Up Insurance Costs And Increase The Number Of Uninsured
Edwin Park and Iris J. Lav
55K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 12pp.

Missing The Point: The Administration Offers Only Gimmicks To Trim Tax Cuts
Joel Friedman
44K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 7pp.

President Bush's Definition Of A "Fair" Tax Cut Could Be Accomplished At One-Fourth The Cost Of His Overall Plan And At Less Than Half The Cost Of The Smaller Senate Package
Isaac Shapiro and Andrew Lee
15K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

Examining The New Portman-Cardin Legislation: Are Further Pension Tax Subsidies for High-Income Households Affordable or Sound as Pension Policy?
Peter Orszag
59K-HTML, 77K-PDF, 11pp.

Administration's Economic Growth Claims Disputed By Broad Range Of Economists
43K-HTML, 30K-PDF,6pp.

The Administration's Tax Cut Blitz: Assessing The Message
Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
40K-HTML, 26K-PDF, 5pp.

Overview Of Final Budget Resolution Agreement: Large Tax Cuts In Budget Resolution Would Worsen Long-Term Fiscal Outlook
Joel Friedman
Revised 4/17/03
45K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 6pp.

How Will Tax Cuts Be Handled Under The 2004 Budget Resolution?
Richard Kogan, Robert Greenstein, and Joel Friedman
18K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 3pp.

Overall Federal Tax Burden On Most Families At Lowest Levels Since At Least 1979
Joel Friedman, Andrew Lee, and Isaac Shapiro
40K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 5pp.

Tax Foundation Figures Do Not Represent Middle-Income Tax Burdens
Joel Friedman, Andrew Lee, and Isaac Shapiro
22K-HTML, 17K-PDF, 3pp.

Report Finds Most Administration "Growth" Proposals Would Be Ineffective Economic Stimulus
Andrew Lee and Joel Friedman
34K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 4pp.

Nickles Amendments To Budget Resolution Would Undo Tax-Cut Reductions Passed To Pay For War And Ease Effects On Deficits
Isaac Shapiro, Robert Greenstein, and Joel Friedman
14K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 2pp.

Beneficiaries Of Proposed Social Security-Related Tax Cut Have Significant Wealth; Their Average Net Worth Exceeds $1 Million, While Their Median Net Worth is $420,000
Robert Greenstein and Diane Whitmore
16K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 2pp.

Deep Program Cuts In House Budget Proposal Would Be Exceeded By Size Of Tax Cuts For The Top 1%
Isaac Shapiro
Revised 3/21/03
11K-HTML, 15K-PDF, 2pp.

House Budget Plan Calls For Cuts In Key Domestic Entitlement Programs: Cuts Average Four Percent Over Ten Years, Grow Deeper Each Year
Richard Kogan
55K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 4pp.

Fact Sheet: Broad Cuts in Entitlement Programs Under House Budget Plan
John Springer
Revised 3/21/03
45K-HTML, 17K-PDF, 1pp.

Brief Overview of The Administration's Tax-Cut Agenda
Joel Friedman, Richard Kogan, and John Springer
Revised 3/20/03
24K-HTML, 69K-PDF, 2pp.

Fact Sheet: House and Senate Budget Plans Would Add Trillions in Debt
John Springer
Revised 3/20/03
28K-HTM, 23K-PDF, 1pp.

Fact Sheet: Cost of Administration Tax Cuts Exceeds the Combined Long-term Deficits Faced by Social Security and Medicare
John Springer
Revised 3/20/03
26K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 2pp.

The Senate Budget Committee's Tax Cut Is Only 7 1/2 Percent Smaller Than The Administration's
Richard Kogan
26K-HTM, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

The Administration's Tax Cuts And The Long-term Budget Outlook
Peter Orszag, Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 3/19/03
32K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 6pp.

The Extent To Which The House And Senate Budget Committees' Plans Would Increase Deficits And Debt
Richard Kogan
83K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 4pp.

Fact Sheet: Administration Tax Cuts Are Unlikely to Increase Economic Growth Substantially And Will Not Pay for Themselves
John Springer
Revised 3/13/03
27K-HTML, 26K-PDF, 2pp.

Fact Sheet: Administration Tax Cut Proposals Would Cost $2.7 Trillion Through 2013
John Springer
Revised 3/10/03
19K-HTML, 75K-PDF 1pp.

Removing Only The "Dividend" Proposal Would Reduce Ultimate Cost Of President's Tax Agenda By One-Sixth Or Less
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
24K-HTML, 67K-PDF, 4pp.

Administration's Tax Cutting Agenda Would Cost $2.7 Trillion Through 2013
Joel Friedman, Richard Kogan and Denis Kadochnikov
Revised 3/7/03
23K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 6pp.

Fact Sheet: Accelerating Rate Cuts a Poor Stimulus and Reduces Congressional Flexibility
John Springer
17K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 2pp.

Proposed "Savings Incentives" Would Cause Revenue Hemorrhage in Future Decades
Robert Greenstein and Joel Friedman
Revised 3/6/03
53K-HTML, 110K-PDF, 11pp.

Accelerating Top Rate Reductions Is Ineffective Stimulus And Reduces Flexibility to Address Future Budget Challenges
Joel Friedman
Revised 3/6/03
25K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 4pp.

Administration Proposes Long-Term Care Insurance Deduction and Other Health Tax Cuts That Are Likely To Be Ineffective and Primarily Benefit Higher Income Individuals
Edwin Park
Revised 3/5/03
30K-HTML, 87K-PDF, 6pp.

Will The Tax Cuts Ultimately Pay For Themselves?
Richard Kogan
70K-HTML, 191K-PDF, 8pp.

Will The Administration's Tax Cuts Generate Substantial Economic Growth?
Richard Kogan
45K-HTML, 168K-PDF, 9pp.

Response To The Tax Foundation On "Average" Tax Cuts Under The Administration's "Growth Package"
Andrew Lee and Joel Friedman
16K-HTML, 43K-PDF, 2pp.

Administration Savings Plan Would Lead to Very Large Revenue Losses
John Springer
14K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 2pp.

Impact of Administration "Growth" Package on the Elderly
Joel Friedman
Revised 1/28/03
11K-HTML, 21K-PDF, 2pp.

President's Own Example Shows Bulk of Tax Package Irrelevant to Middle-Income Americans
Andrew Lee and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 1/28/03
11K-HTML, 19K-PDF, 2pp.

A "Reality Check" On Recent Arguments In Favor Of The Administration's New "Economic Growth" Plan
Andrew Lee, Robert Greenstein, and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 1/28/03
15K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 4pp.

President's Radio Address and Other Administration Statements Exaggerate Tax Plan's Impact on Small Businesses
Andrew Lee
Revised 1/21/03
70K-HTML, 43K-PDF, 5pp.
One-page Fact Sheet: 10K-HTML, 33K-PDF

Who Belongs to The "Investor Class"?
Robert Greenstein and Joel Friedman
Revised 1/17/03
38K-HTML, 39K-PDF, 2pp.

Dividend Tax Cut: Ineffective Stimulus Now, Bigger Deficits Later
John Springer
Revised 1/17/03
17K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 1pp.

Exempting Corporate Dividends from Individual Income Taxes (PDF)
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
Revised 1/17/03
120K-PDF, 19pp.

Administration's Use of "Average" Tax Cut Figures Creates Misleading Impression about the Tax Cuts Most Households Would Receive
Isaac Shapiro and Joel Friedman
Revised 1/15/03
13K HTML, 20K PDF, 2pp.

Greenstein Assesses President Bush's Plan for Economic Stimulus
Robert Greenstein
Revised 1/15/03
9K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 3pp.

Principles for Economic Stimulus
Andrew Lee
28K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 2pp.
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