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  • Chart Book: Federal Housing Spending Is Poorly Matched to Need
    Will Fischer and Barbara Sard
    December 18, 2013

    The federal government spent $270 billion in 2012 to help Americans buy or rent homes, but little of that spending went to the families who struggle the most to afford housing.  As the charts below show, federal housing expenditures are unbalanced in two respects:  they target a disproportionate share of …
  • Renters’ Tax Credit Would Promote Equity and Advance Balanced Housing Policy
    Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
    Revised August 21, 2013

    Related files Report without appendices (32pp.) Appendix 1: Comparison of Capped and Uncapped Credits (4pp.) Appendix 2: Method Used to Estimate Cost and Impact of a Renters’ Credit (3pp.) Appendix 3: State Tables (9pp.) One-Page Fact Sheet Over the past several decades, the nation’s housing policy has focused predominantly on increasing homeownership.  Most federal housing expenditures now benefit families with relatively little need for …
  • Most Rental Assistance Recipients Work, Are Elderly, or Have Disabilities
    Barbara Sard[1]
    July 17, 2013

    As administrators of federal rental assistance programs face strained resources and mounting needs for affordable housing, it’s reasonable to consider whether they should develop and implement policies to encourage and assist families they serve to gain skills and work experience that could help them find jobs and increase their earnings.…
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