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  • Summary Analysis of the Senate Agriculture Committee Nutrition Title
    Stacy Dean and Dottie Rosenbaum
    Revised November 2, 2007

    On October 25, 2007, the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee passed by voice vote its farm bill proposal, “The Food and Energy Security Act of 2007.” Including improvements expected to be added to the bill by a manager’s amendment after the bill passed out of Committee, the nutrition provisions of the bill include about $4.2 …
  • Administration Proposal Would Cut Over 300,000 People Off Food Stamps
    Stacy Dean and Dottie Rosenbaum
    Revised March 13, 2007

    The President’s budget includes a provision that would cut the Food Stamp Program by $740 million over the next five years (and by $1.65 billion over ten years) by taking more than 300,000 low-income people off the program in an average month.[1]  The Administration would achieve these savings by stripping states of flexibility provided in …
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