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  • State Earned Income Tax Credits and Minimum Wages Work Best Together
    Erica Williams and Chris Mai
    Updated September 3, 2014

    As states continue to recover from the recession, state lawmakers should look to help working families recover, too.  They can do this effectively by strengthening their states’ earned income tax credits (EITCs) and minimum wages.  EITCs and the minimum wage are twin pillars of making work pay for families that earn …
  • A Guide to State Fiscal Policies for a Stronger Economy
    Erica Williams
    Updated June 24, 2014

    Building stronger state economies that create jobs and expand opportunity will require sensible, forward-looking state fiscal policies.  States need to invest adequately in education, health care, transportation, and workforce development.  To do that, they need to make decisions about how to raise and spend revenues with …
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