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  • Recent Action by Congress Sets Up Larger Appropriations Cuts in Lame-Duck Session
    James R. Horney, Martha Coven, and Matt Fiedler
    October 13, 2006

    As a result of action Congress took before adjourning for the elections, widespread cuts in domestic appropriated programs are likely to be made during Congress’ lame-duck session (or early next year, if Congress fails to complete action on appropriations for fiscal year 2007 in November or December).  Congress shifted $5.3 billion that Senate …
  • Budget Process Bill Threatens Veterans’ Programs
    Richard Kogan and Martha Coven
    August 4, 2006

    The Senate Budget Committee has approved a bill (S. 3521) that would radically alter federal budget procedures and could lead to deep cuts over time in the vast majority of domestic programs, including veterans’ programs.  While the odds are slim that the legislation will be considered by the full Senate this year, the bill is nevertheless important because it appears to reflect an …
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