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  • Raising State Income Taxes on High-Income Taxpayers
    Elizabeth McNichol, Andrew Nicholas and Jon Shure
    Revised November 11, 2009

    As states face increasingly difficult choices for closing the gap between available resources and the cost of needed programs and services, one potential revenue source can be found at the high end of the income tax spectrum. The personal income tax, a major source of revenue for 41 states, can yield a significant amount of money from small rate increases …
  • Federal Fiscal Relief Is Working As Intended
    Phil Oliff, Jon Shure, and Nicholas Johnson [1]
    Updated June 29, 2009

    As dire as the states’ fiscal condition is — with dramatic revenue downturns leading in some cases to unprecedented service cuts — evidence shows this bad situation would be substantially worse if not for federal recovery assistance. The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act package enacted in February included about $140 billion for states …
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