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  • The Impact of State Income Taxes on Low-Income Families in 2010
     Phil Oliff and Nicholas Johnson *
    November 15, 2011

    The successful bipartisan effort over the last two decades to reduce state income taxes on working-poor families has stalled and is in danger of reversing.  No new states exempted working-poor families from income taxes in 2010, and in most of the 15 states where such families still pay income taxes, they saw their …
  • New School Year Brings Steep Cuts in State Funding for Schools
    Phil Oliff and Michael Leachman *
    Updated October 7, 2011

    To view the updated paper see: Most States Funding Schools Less Than Before the Recession Elementary and high schools are receiving less state funding than last year in at least 37 states, and in at least 30 states school funding now stands below 2008 levels – often far below. These cuts are attributable, in part, to the failure of the federal …
  • An Update on State Budget Cuts
    Nicholas Johnson, Phil Oliff and Erica Williams
    Updated February 9, 2011

    See the following reports for more up-to-date data: State Budget Cuts in the New Fiscal Year Are Unnecessarily Harmful, July 28, 2011 New School Year Brings Steep Cuts in State Funding for Schools, October 7, 2011 With tax revenue still declining as a result of the recession and budget reserves largely drained, the vast majority of states have …
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