Poverty and Income

Understanding Tomorrow’s Census Figures on Poverty and Inequality

On September 16, the Census Bureau will release official statistics on poverty and inequality in 2013.  Several points are worth noting in advance of the release.

  • As in Other Recent Recoveries, Poverty Has Been Slow to Improve
  • Austerity Policies Likely Hampered Progress Against Poverty in 2013
  • Unequal Wage Growth Also Slowed Progress
  • Income Inequality at Record-High Level in 2012
  • Most Poverty Figures Released on Tuesday Won’t Reflect Non-Cash Benefits
  • Census Will Show Anti-Poverty Impact of Some Cash and Non-Cash Benefits

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Health Reform

Understanding the Census Bureau’s Upcoming Health Insurance Coverage Estimates

The Census Bureau will release estimates on September 16 of the number and share of Americans without health coverage in 2013, based on its annual Current Population Survey (CPS). 

While the CPS is the most widely used source of health coverage information, significant changes in its health coverage questions instituted for 2013 — the result of a multi-year Census initiative to improve the reliability and accuracy of the survey’s health coverage estimates — mean that the 2013 results cannot be compared to those for prior years. 

Moreover, because the CPS estimates are for 2013, they will not show the effects of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) major coverage expansions, implemented starting in January 2014. 

Analysts and policymakers should therefore look to other available data sources as well, including other federal and private surveys. Read more

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