Video Highlights from the Conference "Progressives and the National Debt: Consequences and Solutions"

October 8, 2009

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Opening Remarks

Presentation: John Podesta (pdf)
Remarks: Greenstein (pdf)
Remarks: Podesta (pdf)
Remarks: Cook (pdf)

Consequences of the Current Fiscal Trajectory

Remarks: Greenstein (pdf)
Remarks: Blinder (pdf)
Remarks: Tyson (pdf)

Addressing Long-Term Deficits: When and How?

Full transcript (pdf)
Remarks: Altman (pdf)
Remarks: Krugman (pdf)
Remarks: Reischauer (pdf)
Remarks: Warner (pdf)

Opportunities for Savings: Entitlements, Defense, and Non-Defense Discretionary Spending

Full transcript (pdf)
Presentation: David Cutler (pdf)
Presentation: Rudy deLeon (pdf)
Presentation: Peter Diamond (pdf)
Remarks: Cutler (pdf)
Remarks: deLeon (pdf)
Remarks: Diamond (pdf)

Raising Revenue: The Options

Full transcript (pdf)
Presentation: Lily Batcheleder (pdf)
Presentation: William Gale (pdf)
Op-ed: Edward Kleinbard, "You're a Socialist, Too"
Remarks: Gravelle (pdf)
Remarks: Batchelder (pdf)
Remarks: Gale (pdf)
Remarks: Kleinbard (pdf)

Closing Remarks from John Podesta and Robert Greenstein

Full transcript (pdf)

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