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The State Policy Fellowship Program supports a diverse generation of future leaders in shaping state policies and fiscal choices that affect disadvantaged families and communities.

Fellowship Sponsors:

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The State Priorities Partnership

The State Priorities Partnership

State Fiscal Analysis Initiative LogoThe State Priorities Partnership is a national network of independent state policy organizations in 41 states. Through rigorous, timely analyses and extensive public education and outreach, State Priorities Partners work to:

Launched in 1993 in 12 states as the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, (SFAI), the State Priorities Partnership has grown steadily.  Its 41 states include four-fifths of the U.S. population, and additional organizations are expected to join in the coming years.

The State Priorities Partnership is coordinated by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  Financial support for partners comes principally from local and regional foundations, individual donors, and several national foundations, including the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Stoneman Family Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Sandler Foundation.

What People are Saying about State Priorities Partners

"...the primary source for detailed analysis on almost any legislative issue affecting low- to moderate- income Texans."

- Dallas Morning News about the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Texas

"I count on the DC Fiscal Policy Institute for solid analysis and the real story behind the numbers whether its on affordable housing, schools, or a number of other issues affecting District residents."

- Member of District of Columbia Council

"The California Budget Project demystifies the California budget process. Before the CBP, the budget was off limits to anyone except deep insiders. The CBP opened up the process to grassroots and individual advocates."

- Director, California WIC Association

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