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  • Video: Jared Bernstein and James Horney Discuss the Perils of a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment
    Jared Bernstein and James R. Horney
    November 11, 2011

    [A Constitutional balanced budget amendment] "is a really bad idea. First of all, we don’t really have to have a balanced budget. We certainly are running deficits right now, that are really large, now that’s largely because of the economic downturn and in fact it helps us to keep from going deeper into the economic hole, but in the long run, under current policies, we’re facing deficits that are way too large. We should get them down. We have to. But we don’t have to balance them."

    "What we have to do is bring deficits down to a level, somewhere below 3% of GDP, that would keep our debt from rising constantly as a share of the economy. That’s the danger."

    Duration:  6:12

  • Video: A Discussion with Jared Bernstein and Chad Stone on the October Employment Report
    Jared Bernstein and Chad Stone
    November 5, 2011

    Long-term unemployment is, in this recession, and aftermath, has been at unprecedented levels. In the really bad recession in the 1980s we didn’t see anywhere near as much long-term unemployment.

    Duration:  4:34

  • Video: A Discussion with Jared Bernstein and Chuck Marr on Tax Repatriation
    Jared Bernstein and Chuck Marr
    October 20, 2011

     Congress is considering a temporary "repatriation tax holiday" that would allow corporations to bring their overseas profits back to the United States at a fraction of the normal corporate tax rate. Proponents claim that corporations would then invest these earnings in the United States, but the evidence shows that a tax holiday would fail to boost the economy while increasing deficits and encouraging companies to locate jobs and future investments overseas.

    In this video, Jared Bernstein and Chuck Marr discuss the proposal and its likely harmful impact.

    Duration: 7:19

  • Video Podcast: Tax Flight Is a Myth
    Featuring: Jon Shure
    August 4, 2011

    "Attacks on sorely-needed increases in state tax revenues often include the unproven claim that tax hikes will drive large numbers of households - particularly the most affluent - to other states. The same claim also is used to justify new tax cuts. Compelling evidence shows that this claim is false. The effects of tax increases on migration are, at most, small - so small that states that raise income taxes on the most affluent households can be assured of a substantial net gain in revenue."


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