Warren Krafchik

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Krafchik is the Senior Vice President for International Programs of the International Budget Partnership at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  The Project works to enhance the effective participation of civil society organizations in public budgeting in developing and transition countries.

Krafchik has worked with the IBP over the past five years, assisting budget organizations in Africa, Latin America and Asia by providing training and technical support and designing research programs.

Krafchik joined the IBP in February 2001 after nine years at the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, where he founded and directed the Budget Information Service in 1995.

Since its inception in 1995, BIS has conducted cutting-edge work to produce analytical and accessible materials on national and sub-national budgets, with a particular emphasis on how these budgets affect disadvantaged groups.

Krafchik has a Masters degree in macro-economics, awarded with distinction, from the University of Cape Town and is the author of numerous publications on the role of the parliament and civil society in the budget process, the development of methodologies to track the impact of budgets on low-income and poor people, and international economic development.


Warren Krafchik may be e-mailed at krafchik(at)cbpp(dot)org.
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